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Killing champs quotes

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Nautilus >> Brand: Smothered out...
Gangplank >> Nautilus: Back to the depths with ye!
Nocturne >> Lux: Where there's light, there are shadows.
Fiddlesticks >> Swain: The crows show no mercy, even to a fellow bird-brain!
Heimerdinger >> Corki: Hmph. You fail to utilize that machinery to it's full potential!
Amumu >> Volibear: A biiiiiig bear hug will make it all better.
Volibear >> Annie: I am NOT another one of your play things!
Volibear >> Udyr: Your strength is nothing but a cheap imitation of my might.
Twitch >> Teemo: We're not so different, you and I, my furry friend. Hehehe!
Heimerdinger >> Blitzcrank/Orianna/Viktor: Perhaps you are due for an upgrade.
Lulu >> Shaco: *insane giggling* Your laughter's contagious!
Ziggs >> Tristana: Now THAT's an explosion!
Garen >> Lux: Now I'll never hear the end of this...
Lux >> Garen: Sorry, big brother, it's just a healthy dose of sibling rivalry.
Jarvan IV >> Shyvana: Oh boy, I hate being on her bad side...
Shyvana >> Jarvan IV: I suppose I should feel more guilty, but then I start thinking of your annoying habits and... well, you know my temper.
Sion >> Garen: It feels good to do that!
Gangplank >> Kennen/Akali/Shen: And that answers that age old question!
Ziggs >> Brand: I don't even have to light the fuses when you're around!
Rumble >> Heimerdinger: You lose, big-head! AND I WIN!
Soraka >> Warwick: Now if only you would stay dead.
Veigar >> Xerath: I'll show YOU the true power of magic!
Veigar >> Cho'Gath: Squashed like the puny insect you truly are!
Malzahar >> Zilean: Stop living in the past and look towards the future.

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Mundo >> Heimerdinger: Brains over brawn Mundo's butt!
Mundo >> Viktor: Purity of metal? Mundo sees some dents.
Mundo >> Cho'Gath: Big bug go splat!

I'll think of more later.

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Son of the Stone

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Cho'gath >> Gragas: An all-I-can-eat buffet!
Jax >> Warwick: That was for Urf.
Warwick >> Soraka: Curse me again! It worked out so well last time!
Garen >> Katarina: Sorry, little kitty. You've just been declawed.
Katarina >> Garen: Guess you've disappointed everyone in DEMACIA!
Lux >> Katarina: And stay away from my brother!
Anivia >> Brand: Can nothing cool your hatred?
Brand >> Anivia: Hmm, where did that puddle come from?
Nautilus >> Fizz: Hook, line, and sinker.
Brand >> Lee Sin: What is it with Ionian monks and burning?
Jax >> Pantheon: Maybe you should try being a baker instead.
Ashe >> Tryndamere: I know he's going to be upset about this.
Tryndamere >> Ashe: Aaand I'm having cold dinner tonight.
Brand >> Alistar: Pass the steak sauce.
Trundle >> Vladimir: You mad, Vlad?
Veigar >> Teemo: Foil my plans, will you?!
Lee Sin >> Lux: I don't understand. How do you fight?
Rumble >> Tristana: I'm sorry, Tristy!
Shaco >> Annie: Scared of clowns, kiddo?
Twitch >> Ahri: You killed my brother, Dirty Rat!
Sejuani >> Tryndamere: You chose your queen poorly.
Miss Fortune >> Veigar: Don't even say my guns distracted you.
Gragas >> Gangplank: Not even a pirate outdrinks me.
Nautilus >> Gangplank: To the depths with you.
Trundle >> Cassiopeia: I wear my ugliness on the outside, unlike you!
Kassadin >> Nocturne: I've seen nightmares more terrible than you.
Nunu >> Sejuani: How do you keep warm in those clothes?
Brand >> Sejuani: Mmm, roast boar.
Warwick >> Sejuani: It's BACON! Mmm, I love bacon.
Blitzcrank >> Miss Fortune: Your defenses have a noticeable weak spot.
Nasus >> Anivia/Karthus/Zilean: Death was long overdue for you.
Veigar >> Amumu: The Master of Evil has no need for friends!
Evelynn >> Ahri: Sorry, but I have a reputation to keep.
Twisted Fate >> Evelynn: You dealt me a bad hand, darlin'.
Evelynn >> Twisted Fate: I already told you, we're through!
Miss Fortune >> Gangplank: Yarrharr fiddle-dee-dee, now I get to claim your bounty!
Mordekaiser >> Sona: Sorry, I'll buy dinner after the next show.
Mordekaiser >> Karthus: I think we need a new vocalist!
Nasus >> Maokai: My bite is much worse than your bark.

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Darius >> Riven: Unworthy to even survive that
Riven >> Darius: A bloody price for what you have done
Darius >> Sion: Even dead can bleed
Darius >> Urgot: Lost your head once, now you lost it again.
Darius >> Talon: Stop hiding so I can properly execute you!
Darius >> Swain: Brute force, simple but deadly.
Darius >> Vladmir: How does it feel to have your own source of power drain before you?
Darius >> Katarina: Violence only sates your bloodlust, my execution sates Noxus' call for strength
Nocturne >> Graves: The smoke is a veil for your destruction.

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Ziggs --> Kogmaw: "You know, maybe I should have made it so I blow up other people when I die next time"
Kogmaw: --> Ziggs "I kind of want to be able to hurl even more potent spit after working up an appetite"

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Demacian -

Swain > Fiora: Arrogance, so easily manipulated.
Swain > Galio: Your watch is ended.
Swain > Garen: Your beloved Prince is next.
Swain > Jarvan: You should have stayed lost.
Swain > Lux: The light of Demacia, extinguished.
Swain > Poppy: Like father like daughter.
Swain > Sona: Your song is ended.
Swain > Vayne: The hunter has become the prey.
Swain > Xin Zhao: The mighty Viscero, brought low by an old man.

Ionian -

Swain > Ahri: A new coat for LeBlanc.
Swain > Akali: No shadow is safe from me.
Swain > Irelia: Finished what my armies began.
Swain > Karma: Not enlightened enough to run from me.
Swain > Kennen: I have plucked the heart from the tempest.
Swain > Lee Sin: Truly you were blind to your fate.
Swain > Master Yi: Now you can join the others of your village.
Swain > Shen: The united, divided.
Swain > Soraka: Even stars may die.
Swain > Udyr: A raven, the only animal I need.
Swain > Varus: Your vengeance is at an end.

Freljord -

Swain > Anivia: Some bird of prey...
Swain > Ashe: You missed the mark.
Swain > Olaf: Recklessness could not save you.
Swain > Sejuani: And winter is at it's end.
Swain > Tryndamere: A barbarian risen above his station, put once more in his place.

Noxus -

Swain > Cassiopeia: A foolish girl trying to be like her sister.
Swain > Darius: A Hand that needed severing.
Swain > Katarina: Never taught not to run with knives?
Swain > LeBlanc: Who is the true deceiver?
Swain > Mordekaiser: A worthless piece of tin.
Swain > Shaco: Fool.
Swain > Sion: They'll return you again, I don't know why.
Swain > Talon: Dagger at my back? More like a thorn in my side.
Swain > Urgot: You have come back far too many times.
Swain > Vladimir: Your 'art' has made a mess of my robes.

Zaun -

Swain > Dr. Mundo: You will not go where you please.
Swain > Janna: I am the breaker of storms.
Swain > Singed: Not nearly as ingenious as your master.
Swain > Twitch: Vermin to be crushed beneath my boot.
Singed > Warwick: Mongrel.

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Ooh! Let me try!

Garen -->

Ahri: Your wiles will never work on me, fox!

Akali: The Fist of Shadow is as nothing in broad daylight, huh?

Alistair: I've seen better sides of beef trampled in the dust.

Amumu: Cloth is a poor substitute for armor.

Anivia: Fly higher, next time. That way, it'll be hard for me to hit you.

Annie: War is no place for children. Go home.

Ashe: Next time you want to kill a man, look him in the eyes.

Blitzcrank: Technology is no substitute for skill.

Brand: Demacia will never burn for you. Not on my watch.

Caitlyn: You will not turn this battlefield into a campground!

Cassiopeia: And another thing: you're ugly.

Cho'Gath: I've faced greater foes than you and won. What chance did you think you had?

Corki: I must admit; your helicopter made me laugh.

Darius: Not bad, but you're still no match for me.

Dr. Mundo: I'll make sure you don't forget that any time soon.

Evelynn: If you were a better killer, you wouldn't need to hide.

Ezreal: I may be older than you, but my time is far from over.

Fiddlesticks: I don't fear pain or death, and I certainly don't fear you.

Fiora: A disgrace to Demacia, just like your father.

Fizz: I never did like the smell of dead fish.

Galio: A shame to ruin such a fine work of art.

Gangplank: The pirates of Bilgewater picked a poor representative.

Garen: There are many warriors, but only one Garen Crownguard!

Gragas: Drunk on the battlefield is no way to be.

Graves: Guns are weapons for the weak, and you are proof.

Hecarim: Even fear has its limits.

Heimerdinger: Here’s a machine you should build: one that stops me from killing you.

Irelia: A weapon is only as good as the warrior wielding it.

Janna: The winds of change don’t blow favorably for you today, do they?

Jarvan IV: Nothing personal; I simply needed to test myself against you.

Jax: Lampposts are for lighting streets. Get a real weapon.

Karma: Your cause holds merit, but your place is not the battlefield.

Karthus: Just because I can’t kill you, doesn’t mean I can’t keep killing you.

Kassadin: You can’t stave off the terrors of the Void alone yet.

Katarina: Perhaps under different circumstances, we could be allies. Maybe more...

Kayle: Fear not; I’ll purge the unjust.

Kennen: Do you know what else can stop the Heart of the Tempest from beating?

Kog’Maw: Ugh! It’ll take forever to get this slime off my armor!

LeBlanc: No amount of lying can shield you from the truth for long, Deceiver.

Lee Sin: Blind or not, you should’ve seen that coming.

Leona: The world already has a guiding light, and it’s not you.

Lulu: Child’s play has no place on the battlefield. Come back when you’ve accepted that.

Lux: Forgive me, Luxanna...

Malphite: Sticks and stones do not break metal; metal breaks them.

Malzahar: Your future looks bleak for you not to have foreseen that.

Maokai: This is why trees don’t normally move.

Master Yi: “Wuju” leave the fighting for justice to the experts?

Miss Fortune: All those bullets flying through the air, yet you can’t hit anything.

Mordekaiser: Heavy and metal indeed, vile fiend!

Morgana: You have no right to call yourself an angel after what you’ve become!

Nasus: Knowledge is only as good as he who uses it.

Nautilus: Back to the abyss that spawned you!

Nidalee: If you want to protect the Plague Jungles, stay there.

Nocturne: Every nightmare ends when one wakes up. That includes you!

Nunu: I believe the correct phrase is “Speak softly and carry a big sword...” or is it “stick”?

Olaf: Your howls of ire fall on deaf ears everywhere, Berserker.

Orianna: A maiden of clockwork belongs exactly there: with a clock.

Pantheon: For a self-proclaimed Artisan of War, you sure don’t fight like one.

Poppy: Here’s a joke for you, Poppy. A man walks into a friend of his and says “Ouch.”

Rammus: Not okay.

Renekton: I’m sorry. I was trying to get you out of your own teeth.

Riven: You will find redemption one day, but not today!

Rumble: Next time, come down from your perch. Only then will you know your true worth.

Ryze: It seems your tattoos aren’t the only thing you got from Rune Prison.

Sejuani: Next time, come down from your steed and fight like a real warrior!

Shaco: I don’t need any tricks to kill the likes of you.

Shen: The Eye of Twilight sees nothing in pitch darkness, does it?

Shyvana: You hold some promise, but you’re still far from ready for the Elite Guard.

Singed: I’m sorry; I might have taken a bit too much off...your head!

Sion: Come at me again, and I’ll kill you then as well!

Sivir: Noxian or not, you had this coming.

Skarner: I never did like insects. Nor did I like arachnids.

Sona: Oh, no. Now, I’ll never hear the end of this...

Soraka: If you can call the power of the stars, why can’t you even fight?

Swain: Your evil plots will never succeed on my watch, “Master Tactician”.

Talon: Lay a hand on the Prince and you’ll lose more than your blades.

Taric: Jewels are for decorations, Gem Knight. Get some real armor.

Teemo: Size may not mean everything, but it means more than you say it does.

Tristana: Is that a sword in your skull? It is, isn’t it?

Trundle: Don’t hate the player; hate the sword sundering your head.

Tryndamere: That’s for never taking a bath!

Twisted Fate: Luck had nothing to do with this; it was skill and determination.

Twitch: You’re a cowardly rat, and you die like one too.

Udyr: I don’t need my sword to kill you. You, on the other hand, could use some armor.

Urgot: And this time, stay dead!

Varus: Ionian or not, you are still evil.

Vayne: Demacian or not, your aggression is misplaced.

Veigar: No quarter for the wicked, no matter how small.

Viktor: No amount of metal is perfection for the dead. I should know.

Vladimir: My type happens to be A+.

Volibear: All those teeth and claws, yet still outmatched.

Warwick: If the Starchild wouldn’t correct her mistake, I see no reason why I shouldn’t do so.

Wukong: Before you reach the top, you must get through me.

Xerath: Power controls everything except itself. Remember that.

Xin Zhao: I’m surprised I’m not the Lightshield family’s personal steward by now.

Yorick: What was that about my dying before we start talking again?

Ziggs: This is what you get for dressing like a walking time bomb.

Zilean: I may not be able to elude time, but neither are you.

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Kayle --> Morgana "Come home, Morgana. You can still be redeemed."
Xin Zhao --> Garen "This is why Xin Zhao, not Garen, is the Lightshields' steward."
Irelia --> Singed "I'll be dead a thousand times before Ionia falls to you again!"
Heimerdinger --> Rumble "A real shame. You could use your talents for so much more."
Kayle --> Renekton "I too know the burden of a wicked sibling."
Rumble --> Teemo "If only Bandle City had more loyal champions like the both of us..."
Morgana --> Kayle "This is only the beginning, Kayle!"
Varus --> Swain "Your reign was over before it began."
Riven --> Varus "You left me no choice..."
Hecarim --> Jarvan IV "Only now do you understand fear, mortal."

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Tryndamere-->Ashe: I'm going to end up paying for this, aren't I?

Nasus --> Kassadin: Rest, Voidwalker. You have many paths left to tread.

Darius --> Riven: A pity...

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Singed > Master Yi: Such a shame, not a single person is left from your village to mourn you!

Singed > Warwick: Sorry Sir, just doing my job.

Singed > Twitch: That which creates can also destroy.

Singed > Mundo: Would you like a second opinion, doctor? Hmmmmm, still dead.