Evolution of an Idea (Evolution vs Resistance Lore/Skin idea)

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Basic idea: a possible future for the Evolution vs. Resistance theme in the possible future of the League universe. Due to this idea two new skins will be suggested and how they would make sense in this specific vision of the future - One for Thresh and one for Lucian.

Background: Myself (Faclan) and my two friends who I play League with; VerdantHandshake and MishraArtificer love League and play it very often. All of us are also writers, and often talk about the Lore of the game during loading screens. This was one of our more recent discussions as Verdant loves to play Lucian and likes his back-story, but thinks that with this possible future an interesting skin can come from it.

The Idea: (Note that this isnít a big IC explanation of events, if people like the idea I'd give it a shot, but just wanted to get the idea out first for feedback.)
- In the possible future of the land of Valoran, where Viktor and his robotic Battlecast creations work to slowly crush out the last bits of humanity from the land with a robotic fist, the Resistance does what they can to hold back to steel tide.
- After the intervention of the Steel Legion the Resistance is able to win a large battle, making the Evolution pause momentarily as Viktor has to take the time to rebuild his creations.
- Needless to say he is extremely displeased at this, and after doing the delicate work on his soldiers he leaves them to automatically repair and rebuild their last few components themselves as he runs some scenarios over in his lab, seeing how best to combat this new threat.
- After running through hundreds of possible outcomes in a short space of time due to his vast digital resources, Viktor - for once in his life - looks backwards rather than forward. Back to when the League of Legends and Summoners were more than rubble being repurposed into raw materials.
- A certain Champion caught his eye from that time, Thresh the Chain Warden, who would take the souls from mortals and then take them back tot he Shadow Isles to be remade into servants of the Isle.
(I would imagine the Isle in this time period has already been destroyed by either side)
- This was not unlike what Viktor was doing right now with his machines, and a catcher was just what he needed for the running Resistance, and what better way to fight them than to catch and turn their own against them.
- Sending off his disposable machines again he travels to the desolated Shadow Isle and goes to work finding the remains of Thresh's soul from his doomed defense of the Isle (again conjecture)
- Using his Battlecast technology for once it is someone else taking Thresh's soul as Viktor collected enough for his needs.
- Returning to his factory Viktor started to build a new frame for his creation, and once completed poured the remains of The Wardens Soul into it, and his Forge-Master (just a possible name) was completed.
*(First skin idea, Forge-Master/Battlecast Thresh, his lantern would be similar to a molten crucible and glow with the Battlecast red energy. His frayed robes would be replaced by thick metal plates, braid hooks with exposed wiring or jets of flame, and his scythe a miniature Viktor staff with a projected energy blade(Again just a basic idea, feel free to elaborate))
- Once again repairing his soldiers he unleashes them once again with his Chaser Forge-Master joining them as reinforcements.
- The resistance is at first doing fine, but after some of their recruited soldiers get literally dragged away from them kicking and screaming they are forced to start to fall back before more of them are dragged away.
- Before too many troops are taken however light bolts start to shower over the Resistances heads and toward the Battlecast, causing the Forge-Master to stop in his tracks as a woman walks forward with twin relic weapons pointed at the robots.
*(This is the second skin idea, Senna (for Lucian), and more complicated than the first. Ok, in this possible future of Valoran it was Lucian's soul that was taken by Thresh originally, and Senna was the one who was left to carry the 'torch' as it were(the Relic weapons and mission to rid the world of evil). But with Thresh protected by the League she couldn't take her revenge, and vanished from the world. But with 'a' Thresh coming back into this world she left her seclusion and returned to the battlefield to take vengeance, even if Lucian was long gone now she could put his eternal spirit to rest. Onto what the skin itself would look like that's more challenging as we don't know if Senna wore the same outfit as Lucian when they were fighting together, so that would likely be up to the design team. But because Senna is female the skin would likely need a new VO and maybe new animations (Ultimate skin level maybe), but the skills likely wouldn't need much work.)

We thought having Senna as something alternate for Lucian would be a interesting idea and somewhat make sense as both of them did the same thing before Thresh showed up and they were partners, so connected in several ways. Though we also know it would be a slippery slope to have a skin that turns a male character female so we understand if the skin idea canít work. We just wanted to share our idea with you all and see what you thought.
Thanks for reading

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The thresh idea lore wise, I am really iffy about. I doubt anyone could overpower thresh outside of the fields. Game wise I love it. the Senna skin, Riot hurry up make the damn thing. As a big Lucian (gameplay, lore wise Thresh is better) fan I have been waiting to see Riot bring Senna in again. I would work on the thresh conversion lore part a little more but this is a great idea.

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As interesting as this is, Lucian wouldn't have his soul stolen in that world because he's already confirmed to be a member of the resistance (along with Chosen Master Yi) in his Hired Gun Lucian skin in the Battlecast Vel'Koz video.