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1100 Elo Pubs: "I'm feeding because jungler sucked." - Why this is complete ****

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I also am at the 1100 level and had the same experience. Three games in a row I had a person on my team who raged at the team comp, raged against trolling teammates, or get fed up and just start trying to tank games as an AD carry. Rather than try to adapt to these situations, they just lost all confidence in the team and just gave up, which made the rest of the matches negatively impact both teams (even the other team was like "man, this game isn't even fun&quot.

I can understand being frustrated but doing that just make everybody including the other team just want to stop playing LoL. Intentional feeding is probably the most biggest ******* move a player can do, even in an already bad situation.

If you ever see that junk happen in a game, report it on the spot. I really hate playing with them.

Edit: To clarify the player's scores that fed...
1st Game: Mordekaiser 0/15/0 by 10 min (game went to 20:00 and he afk'ed after that)
2nd Game: Garen 2/9/? by 25 minutes (end game)
3rd Game Ashe 4/17/? by 35 minutes (end game)

also keep in mind that if you are really doing that that horrible... You really arent worth **** to the enemy team as far as money and kills go... So if you have gone as far to get to 0/15/0 Than well... DC'ing is only further hindering your team.. You might as well stick it out... Close the level gap, and they will fall off... They are all just hitting there max build because you fed them. find out what ever is killing you , or what mistakes your making and Stop... stick with your team... Even if you are the worst player ever. they would probably you try to stick it out... especially after feeding. only way that leaving would help, is to Leave the Queue before you join the game. Just dont feed. And dont get mad if u die, or die multipul times, that only makes everything way way worse lol . not to mention most of the champs are super squishy. and if they arent. either way it really sucks with when you get behind.

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My Question for the people reply to this thread, is how do you compensate in a downhill game for the people who don't take the advice positivly. Obviously trash talking them isn't the right way to go, but how do you recover the game as a player. In 1800+ you won't be able to, but as the current meta stands in 1200 and below its near impossible.

What I'm saying is, you know the right play/ build to adapt with for your teammate and you let him know and he just ignores it. (Madreds on the AD carry for their beefy team.)