Looking for some feedback on JUNGLE MUNDO

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Looking for more legit feedback. Runes are a bit expensive but this build seems too strong. Comments would be appreciated.

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Not gonna go to solomid on my cell, takes a week to load.

My mundo experince, jungle is easy, start dorian's shield, and burning agony go to wraiths camp, recall if you have to, wolves, small golemns, wraiths.

Runes mpen mark/quint(really better imo than armor pen), seals 1/2 hp per level 1/2 armor(full armor better to jungle, but I don't always). Glyphs, mr/ or cdr.

Used that for around 50 mundo games, was easier when you could buy dorians+1 hp pot to do wraiths+wolves before recall easily, and I typically don't use smite in favor of late game ghost/teleport + cleanse, though it does help with blue/red.

Sry if I repeated what you said.. It just isn't visible on my phone ( end build is warmog first, fon, thornmail, abyss scepter, sunfire usualy)