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Baregaming recruiting new players

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BareGaming is a brand new clan, and is recruiting.

Currently we got 10 members playing in the clan, and we are looking for more

What are we looking for?

- Skilled player
- Mature players
- Players that play more often
- Player that wants to get the clan on top

We not looking for
- players that whine all the time and making have a bad name
- players that blame there own team

At this moment we are doing only normale games because some are not lvl 30

If u wanna join we ask you this

-TeamSpeak/WORKING Microphone
-Skill / ranked positsion
-age or if ur mature... we like 18+ but if ur not be mature
-English speaking or we like DUTCH players
-DPS tank or support
-summoner name
-summoner lvl
-champs u play
-rl name
-if you have xfire what is a must fill in to

-about yourself

FILL IN and add me on xfire to


or on League of legends