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The Exiled - [A Riven-centric Fic]

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Ryugi Kazamaru

Senior Member


Well, I totally called THAT... Guess I'll have to figure out a way to incorporate all the recent changes to lore into my story now.

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Senior Member


Take your time, love the story, if it means waiting to get more awesome chapters i don't mind at all

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Ryugi Kazamaru

Senior Member


Life has a way of sapping creative energies... I'll update eventually. Promise. =)

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Blaine Tog

Senior Member


Bump! Want to see moar!

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Ryugi Kazamaru

Senior Member



For all those wanting to know, I'm writing again. =D

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Ryugi Kazamaru

Senior Member


Okay, so... I wrote this a while back and never got very far once the new lore hit. Since the finished JoJ sort of put a hamper on my plot and really messed with things, I decided to implement this chunk as a part of Part 2, rather than a part of Part 3, which will be coming eventually. =D

So, in the meantime, enjoy the conclusion to Riven vs Talon...

Chapter 3 - “Beginnings” [Part 2 – Continued…]

Talon looked on as the surge of green faded to reveal the woman standing before him. In her right hand, she gripped the completely enormous reformed body of her weapon. The pieces of the sword fit together perfectly, green lines of energy crackling between the different sections. It was as if the woman had called forth the weapon and reforged it with her own willpower. How interesting, he thought. The color of ambition and drive was green, wasn’t it? He smirked.

“Quite the speech, but can you back up those delusions with action?”

“My beliefs are not delusions, Assassin, and neither is my resolve.” Riven could feel it. Her blade responded to her desire. The power was absolutely incredible, and it coursed through her arm and into her body. Every fiber of muscle, every inch of tendon was empowered by the power of her will. This was the strength of her resolve given form and shape. She finally understood where her strength came from, and she understood what Kaz had felt when he summoned her.

“I see…” Talon chuckled. “Then come at me, Exile. Let’s see what resolve your blade carries!” As he spoke, Talon threw his arms forward, a hail of blades surging toward Riven as he jumped backward and away to put some distance between he and his opponent, landing in a clearing some distance away and below the rooftop. The blades tore through the air toward Riven, but in a single motion her arm slashed at the air between them, green arcs of power trailing in the weapon’s wake. The burst of air from the blade scattered the blades apart harmlessly. It was so simple, as if she was cutting through a dummy in the training grounds so many years ago. Talon would stand no chance.

Energy poured from Riven as she hurled herself forward and into the air, energy forming a cracking barrier around her as she came down on the ground where Talon had retreated. The impact kicked up dust and debris, throwing it away in such force that Talon’s footing was compromised. In the same instant, power erupted from Riven, a battle cry tearing through the Noxian streets. The assassin was thrown backward and through the air, managing to catch himself and glance up, just in time to see a pair of amber eyes baring down on him, and a crackling green and black object about to strike him.

The resounding clash was dozens of times more powerful than the previous one. Talon had only just managed to intercept the strike, but he was once again thrown backward from the force. As his arm touched the ground, and he began to recover, his movement was halted by a small stand, wood cracking and splintering as the finest assassin in Noxus collided with the structure. Instantly, Talon was gone, darting into the shadows as Riven arrived, another blow completely obliterating the small shop. His heart pounded and his breath was quick. Even as he moved through the alleyways with practiced skill, Riven stayed close behind, hurling her body over boxes and crates as if the size of the blade had no effect on her speed at all. It defied any explanation.

The General, Marcus Du Couteau, had showcased the utmost speed and grace with his blade, deflecting Talon’s blades with quick strikes when the two of them had fought. They had dueled for what seemed like hours with strikes and counterstrikes. However, Talon was not used to prolonged combat. It was simply not his way, and eventually clash after clash of steel had caused Talon to wind himself. Then, just when he believed he had the general where he wanted him, when he saw an opening to strike an ending blow, Talon had found the tip of Du Couteau’s blade aimed directly at his throat as he moved to strike. The general had given Talon exactly what he had wanted, only to close the trap on him when he acted. The moment had humbled Talon, and he pledged his life to the general.

Riven, however, had something in her style that was all together different, and far more deadly. Talon’s eyes were as keen as a hawk’s, and he had made a very good living out of searching foes for that single weakness that would prove to be their downfall. What, at first, had seemed like a weakness, Talon now realized, was a strength unlike any other. The form of her swordplay contained fluidity, strength, and grace, the key aspects of any skilled Noxian swordsman. These were woven into powerful single strikes, but with the size and force of her restored blade, she amplified each single motion into something the assassin simply could not halt. By virtue of her will and her blade, Talon understood now that he was truly outclassed, and he finally understood what his master had seen in the young girl: virtually unlimited potential. With that blade, and her spirit, she was bound only by the limits of her body, and her will to overcome. No amount of blades he could throw could cut down Riven’s resolve, for a warrior’s spirit, he remembered, was never broken. He smirked to himself as Riven kept pace, energy still cracking around her form. However, just because he was outclassed in direct combat didn’t mean he was going to stop. His honor as a Noxian demanded he fight till the end. It was time to fight with his all as well. It was time to end this nonsense.

In a flash, both champions burst into yet another clearing, this time near a fountain. Talon spun to face Riven, blades flying from his grasp. In the same moment, he threw himself through the air, appearing behind her in an instant, slashing at her back, even as blades surged toward her front. As he slashed, he hurled himself into the air with all his strength, spinning wildly, blades flying free to every conceivable direction across the battlefield. Riven cried out as she was caught by surprise, the hail of blades slicing into her front, and Talon’s massive weapon carving a swath across her back. She looked up, just as Talon’s blade and his body pointed toward her form and he fell to earth, faint energy pulsing from the blades that littered the ground.

“Game over, Exile! Taste my blades!!” Talon dropped to earth, utilizing his ultimate technique, Shadow Assault. Talon’s blades were strong weapons in and of themselves, but each one was inscribed with a small magical rune, linking them to Talon’s will and command. This was how he called them back to his grip even after them having been thrown. Often, by leaving a trail of weapons in his wake, he was able to activate the ability to call all of them back to slice into unsuspecting opponents. However, Riven presented him with a foe that simply had to be overcome with brute force, and so, Talon would hit her with every blade in his arsenal at once before she had time to adequately react.

He dropped toward Riven, his blade aimed directly for her body, but she was fast enough to bring her own weapon up to block against the killing strike. The killing blow would be stopped, but not the hail of weapons. The throngs of blades scattered around the area shot toward Riven’s body with lighting efficiency, cutting dozens of red lines into her flesh in a whirlwind of keen-edged attacks. Even as the enchanted weapons tore into her body, Riven let out a mighty shout and flexed her weapon arm for all it was worth. She would not be taken down without a fight, and certainly not here, and not now. Her body burned with green energy as she cried out in determination.

“This blade is the power of my resolve, and on it’s broken wings ride the winds of change!!” The clash was ended as Riven literally swung her blade in a wide vertical arc, casting Talon through the air like a purple-clad rag doll only to have him impact another nearby wall. Despite his halted motion, however, her body and momentum did not halt. She continued her spin, her blade crackling with arcane might even as Talon’s eyes widened. “No more hesitation!!”

The cry that followed Riven’s statement echoed through the Ivory Ward. With unrelenting force, the power of Riven’s Wind Slash tore across the ground and slammed into the stunned Talon, doing untold amounts of damage to the battered assassin. As the attack struck home, Riven took a knee, the form of her blade vanishing to its previous state, and with it, her power. Every wound she’d endured stung from shredded nerves, and the thick and sticky heat from her blood against her clothes reminded her of the cost she’d paid simply to defend her honor.

She glanced across the field to spy Talon crumpled in a heap against shattered and broken remains of a wall, the people inside pouring out of the establishment to see what had caused such damage. Blood pooled around her and she felt light-headed and weak. Even so, a faint smile played across her face. She’d beat the odds and defeated Talon before her wounds could end the fight. As her vision blurred and she fell onto her side, she could hear the sounds of armored footsteps approaching from the distance. Keepers of the peace, she assumed. The last thing she saw and felt as she lost consciousness were a pair of gloved hands wrapping around her, and the faint sensation of being lifted from the ground.

[To be continued...]

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I want more, it's been weeks

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Senior Member


You should put this on fanfiction.net so thats its easier to follow.

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Junior Member


Hello there Ryugi.

I believe this may be my first posting on the forums. I hope you do not mind that it is in your story that I post for the first time.

I am posting to say that so far I have read every piece of fan fiction I could find on Riven as she is one of my favorite champions. To date I believe I enjoy your story the most. This though saddens me as 4 months have passed and the new year is only a bit over an hour away yet no new postings have been seen.

I do so hope that you have not given up on this story. I would be greatly saddened to see such a wonderful piece of work pass into time forgotten and incomplete.

For what its worth I understand that the lore has changed but then I ask if that truly matters in the end? A many a story have been written that do not truly conform to canon lore due to extended changes that happened post production of the story itself.

Look at Marvel and DC. Both have killed major heroes only to have the masses scream in anguish and outrage. Then by some turn of events or another the hero is once again saving the day.

Anyhow this has become a long post for me and I am yet tired.

I just wanted to express my thanks for an experience well worth the read. I do hope to see more and to continue along this path you have provided.

Yours Truly


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Ryugi Kazamaru

Senior Member


Thank you for your kind words, Snackhunter. It's nice to know that someone actually enjoys, or enjoyed, my story. I put a lot of time and effort into it, but I don't really have any plans to continue it for the moment.

With Riot's movement on the lore front, it really messed with where I was going, and it has moved things into a place I don't really think my story can follow. I may wind up writing more about Riven in a different way at some point. After all, she's my favorite character as well, and infinitely interesting to write about. However, as far as this particular story, I think I'm finished.

I'm glad to have given you something that you enjoyed, if only for a while. =)