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How to counter...

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I main Urgot a lot. And I have a few champs that I seriously have issues with. Okay, Here is the break down.
How do you counter the following in solo top/mid with Urgot?

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Some champions you won't be able to counter well at all with urgot that's just apart of the game. However saying that I will try and give some tips

Jax: Use range to your advantage and you should be fine. Also when he goes in for creeps punish him.

Tryn: urgot vs tryn very crazy match-up. Punish tryn early and ask for a early gank. Also if he gets to strong save your ult for when he ults.

Galio: Usually galio is a counter for a AP champion but urgot is AD so you should be ok dealing damage to him however, he will be tanky. Can't really do much in this case it comes down to trading damage.

Morgana: She is slow so really easy to land your E and punish her. Just avoid her dark binding and you should be ok. Also let her push towards your tower if you are losing this can be a good strategy against many champions.

Xerath: this is a tough match up for urgot, not much you can do xerath can stay out of range of your E and he can punish you if you try to get near him. You will probably be at a disadvantage vsing him can't do much but try and out farm him and rely on ganks.

cait: you should be able to go toe to toe with caitlyn, it just comes down to trading damage and farming.