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O.K., I've been playing a whole lot of builds like AP/CDR Ashe and other things like that that aren't really useful, but fun. Recently I find myself playing A lot of AD Kassadin, which is kind of justified by his W and Passive. But i normally find myself falling off a lot late game to Panth and GP and the like, mostly cause i don't have a good stun, just the silence. Normally I start off with a dagger, and build that into a PD while getting AS boots. After that I get IE on dominion or Bloodthirster on SR, and then whichever on i haven't got already. My skill's are maxing W, and then alternating Q and E, prioritizing Q if they have a few Mages or AD's that get their damage from skills. I normally go top on Dom and Solo top on SR.

So, does anyone have any tips for late game AD Kass?

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Spiral Shark

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ionic spark? idk i've never played him that way though i used to consider a nashor's tooth for the cdr and attack speed, so you can ult more often

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i don't think he's that good an AD, maybe a hybrid at best.

His W still scales with AP. and thats pretty much it.

Try AD Annie, with her AoE stun, Bear, and super shield. I've seen her, she owns actually.

And malzahar, his voidling scales off AD so its super strong,and gets stronget after 7 and 14 seconds.You need loads of mana and cdr though.