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Hello and welcome to my little collection of tips and general advice for League of Legends. My aim here is to attempt, to the best of my ability, to help players achieve greater success on the field of justice. Itís mostly aimed towards newer players but some sub-30ís might find something useful aswell. I assume that most of these things are common knowledge the higher up you go. As the lazy person I truly am inside I did not take the time to read through every thread to see exactly what has been posted before, so some/most or for all I know even all of this have been posted before. In that case I am sorry for creating a pointless thread. Also do please note that I am not in fact a high elo player, not the slightest bit, nor am I actually any good at following these points/tricks and guidelines myself, however that doesnít mean the tips/tricks and guidelines arenít good. For example if I drive a massive gas drinking car and then claim that people shouldnít drive them because they arenít environmental friendly, my argument isnít less valid just because Iím not following it myself. Last ďnoteĒ Iím going to say is that while I have previously lived a fair amount of time in USA Iím not a native English speaker, thus my English proficiency may not be the best. Anyway onto the show

- If the green light at the top right corner of your teammates portraits is green, it means their ultimate abilities are ready for use.
Really good to keep track on to avoid any unnecessary surprises or assumptions

- To quickly check miaís, click tab and check the enemy team. Enemies that are in visible to your team anywhere on the map will be highlighted, others will be darkened.
Very useful to very quickly see whoís missing, especially in games where you donít trust your teammates

- If the enemy team has a jungler, which the higher up in lvl you go will become very usual, always make sure to coordinate with your lane partner about things such as who will ward, last hitting and gold distribution
Good warding and cooperation can essentially make you ungankable.

- Analyze who the enemy team got as a jungler as the game starts
Some junglers have very effective and very early ganks. Example being Alistar who will almost guaranteed gank either bot or top at lvl 2 depending on what side his team is on.

- Analyze your lane opponents stats and increases to get an idea what runes/masteries heís using
Always a good idea to check beforehand to avoid becoming shocked that your overload, if playing ryze, isnít doing as much damage as you thought it would.

- Analyze what summoner spells they have picked
To avoid situations where their heal turned the tide of the battle, or their exhaust crippled you while doing your ultimate. Itís never luck that you die and they barely survive, you can avoid situations like this by doing research at the start of the game

- To continue on the previous, always remember what summoner spells have been used and when
If you know they used their flash about a minute ago, their escape options arenít as many and ganking them may be much more doable.

- Analyze whoís doing well and whoís not
They might be three AD and two AP on the other team, but if their AP are getting all the kills, countering that damage may be the key to turning the battle around in your favor.

- Remember and keep note on what abilities have been used and when
Very advanced and requires a lot of knowledge about the enemy champion. If you can keep track on, and figure out, what skills the enemy is leveling first as well as knowing the cooldowns of certain spells, you will have a tremendous advantage over the enemy. Example, remembering when last ahri used her ultimate. Suddenly she became much easier to gank.

- If you donít have a jungler, always keep your own jungle warded
Very important to do for both bottom lane and top lane. You donít want their jungler to gain access to two whole jungles and sets of buffs. Keeping a simple ward up at your red and your blue will make counterjungling a lot easier, and efficient. May even score you a few kills on unsuspecting junglers.

- Know your limits
Know what your champion can and canít do, always analyze your damage output to theirs before entering a fight. If you canít guarantee youíll win, itís probably best if you play it safe.

- Show solidarity while still remembering your limits
Take care of your teammates, keep them safe and help them when you can. However if you canít guarantee youíll be able to save both your teammate and yourself if you enter a situation, then donít enter.

- Share warding duties
Far from all games have a support, especially in normal games and sub-30 games. In all those cases, be sure to pick up a few wards anytime you can and place them where needed. It will help a lot and your itemization wonít be very crippled if all five of you buy wards.

- Always have a good attitude
Donít rage, never ever. It wonít help a bit and the moment a team is torn apart from within by raging/blaming and complaining on eachother, that same moment youíve most likely lost the game. Try to help out and give advice when someoneís doing poorly and always commend when those same people are doing something well or right.

- Keep track on initiators and have sidepaths warded
When it comes to the teamfight phase, youíll always be aware and prepare for who will initiate and in what way and adjust your own teams positioning to counter this. Having all sidepaths warded and visible will avoid you getting surprised by the enemy fiddlesticks, malphite, amumu, galio, shyvana etc. etc.

- Always arrange a targeting order
Decide with your team who will target who and in what order and arrange positioning to accomplish that plan. Positioning and warding are always key in all teamfights.

That was everything I had on the top of my head right now. Iíd like to kindly ask all high elo players to contribute further tips and Iíll add them. Also if anything in what I just presented is not correct, which is most expected, just tell me and Iíll change it immediately. Also please do help me with both grammar and spelling, call it out when you see it, bothís a ***** to deal with.

Thanks and good luck

Best regards,
Inofficial self-appointed Swedish League of Legends Ambassador