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The Birth of Winter's Wrath

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Just a little something I had floating in my head. I figured I might as well give you all a little teaser, and see if it generated enough buzz to warrant future addidtions. With out further ado, the Birth of Winter's Wrath.



Sejuani winced as the stinging snow rubbed against the raw flesh of her cheek. With a snarl, she rose from the ice, turning to glare at Lorathan. He stood with his practice sword held casually by his side, his eyes hardened with malice. The scars stretched across his face pulled tight as he sneered at her, his lips curling as he repeated, “Again.”

Sejuani readied her own practice sword, giving a brief nod to Lorathan to signal that she was prepared. Lorathan brought his sword up, his stature displaying his obvious boredom. His left foot tapped impatiently on the ice, as he carelessly brushed a lock of his long black hair from his eyes. “Well?” he asked with a sigh. “I haven’t got all day, you realize”

Sejuani gritted her teeth, refusing to rise to the bait. Instead, she slowly circled Lorathan, searching for a weak point. Lorathan watched her in amusement, a small, cruel smile tugging at his lips. Suddenly, he dropped to a crouch, spinning with his blade and catching Sejuani in her shins, sending her once more face first in to the snow. Lorathan gave a short bark of mocking laughter, as he watched Sejuani struggle to rise, collapsing after a brief attempt.

“Again,” he repeated, stepping closer to her. After several moments, Sejuani still lay motionless. Lorathan walked to her limp body, prodding her side with the tip of his leather boot. “I said,” he snarled, hatred clouding his face. “Again!” With that, he swung his sword down at Sejuani, catching her in the small of her back. Still, she was unresponsive. Lorathan prepared to swing again, bringing his sword down toward Sejuani’s head.

It never landed. Instead Sejuani rolled toward Lorathan, bringing her blade up toward his chin. With a cry of pain, the sword slammed in to Lorathan’s jaw, sending him stumbling backwards. In a burst of speed, Sejuani was up, her raining blow after blow on Lorathan’s unprotected body. He attempted to fight back, but he was quickly disarmed, Sejuani striking his hand with enough force to break his fingers. Finally, Sejuani dropped Lorathan as she snapped his nose with the hilt of her blade. Lorathan collapsed, clutching at his bleeding nose, muttering faint curses as he slumped against the snow.

Sejuani coolly looked down at Lorathan, no hint of mercy within her eyes. She retrieved Lorathan’s sword, hurling it at him and catching him in the neck. As cried out, slamming his face in to the ice, Sejuani approached him, kneeling so that her face was next to his.

“Again,” she whispered to her former mentor.

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Grand Viper

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I must say, I like this. Good writing style, good word choice, good word flow. I also like the way she's characterized. Keep up the work, I would like to see more from you!