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lvl 30 summoner LFClan

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Junior Member


My name is Dogbref and I am a lvl 30 summoner.
I own every champion and most skins.
I am currently looking for a strong 3s and 5s team and a Clan
I enjoy playing Taric, Amumu and Mordekaiser and Tristana
I have dabbled with all the characters in some fashion
I am a rather new player (6 weeks) and currently only have about 230 wins
I am a mature player and am looking for players that know this is a team game and play accordingly.

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God of Life

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Hey! The Flashpoint Gaming Community is looking for a great variety of players throughout the world in order to build a great League of Legends gaming division.

Our goal is to be competitive, but have tons of fun doing so!
We're a fresh new community of mature gamers looking to expand and grow to become a powerful gaming community known for the games we play.

If you're interested by this, head over to our forums, since our website is currently down for construction.

Head here to apply!
Flashpoint Gaming Forums (http://www.flashpoint.inmyclan.com/)