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Need One More For 3v3 Ranked

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Senior Member


Looking for one more person for 3v3 Ranked LoL games.

We are in 1300s ratings, looking to go until at least 1800s.
We have a vent server ready if anyone is interested in trying out.

Looking for someone who:

Is level 30
Has at least 200+ wins
Has vent/mic
Can hold their lane - either solo or with partner
Can call out mias
Can help gank
Can play more than 1 champion well - Still looking for a good comp.
Can work in a team.
Is willing to listen.

At first we are going to be doing normal games so we can see how you work, and how we work with you. Then if we are successful we will move onto ranked games.

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Hey, im interested.

I apply all requirements, except the vent/mic, because i am ******ed and can't play and talk at the same time.

Add me in-game if ok with that.