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Getting rid of super minions on TT

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Dead Riot:

I have no idea why haven't you fixed that stupid bug already. Why the hell are you able to get rid of super minions just by draging them on the fountain. This is retarded tactics and has nothing to do with what LoL is about but you are able to win games like this, even if you aren't able to push.

You just:

porc (best get blitz so you can drab them to your fountain)-> wait till enemy team tries to end game they already won -> ace -> try to push something -> repeat.

I've just had 50 minute game, when enemy team just porced in their base (while we were clearing the whole map for like 10 times) but still they were able to win due to fact super minions weren't any problem. Other than that, super minions seem to walk onto fountain tower by themselves. (the path is way too close to fountain).

Simple fix: make minions immune to fountain tower/make fountain tower not attack minions.

I have no idea why this bug is still on.

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slayer Roma



i have won so many games dragging super minions to the fountain

Sweet feeling that comeback