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Rise of the Steam Golem: Blitzcrank (Finished, Part 2)

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Please read Part 1 of this sory before reading this final chapter.

It had been a hard week; my questions had gone unanswered around Zaun. No one knew why or who the assassins were. It seemed the only way I would gain any more knowledge would be to head for Noxus itself. The government of Zaun was even less helpful in answering my questions. As it was, the week passed quickly and I found myself in the plaza, a week since the fight with Blitzcrank. I
I was sitting on the side of the stage, my daggers and magic well in place when Blitzcrank arrived shortly after dusk. He walked up to the stage and stared right at me. “Ah, so you can see me then?” I smiled down at him.
“I saw you the day of my coronation. You were standing there upon that wall.” He pointed one of his massive metal hands at the walls of the College. “Wanderer, I want to thank you again for your assistance today. I had not been taught any protocols on combat or I would have surely exterminated those fleshlings for their indiscretions.” He voice had bounced at the end, whether or not this was his way of laughing, I had no idea.
“Blitzcrank. May I ask you something?” I had been desperately curious for ever since the scene today. After his, “Proceed.”, I asked him “Why did you risk your life to protect that girl?” The question seemed to bother him. For he hunched back on his legs. His eyes blinked, bright and dim, several times before he responded.
“Would you not have protected her Wanderer? Does the type of armor we were born with mark our lives any more important than another? To extinguish an innocent life is abhorrent to me. What of you Wanderer, why did you assist me today? I am but a simple machine.” The light of his eyes had never left my face throughout his talk.
I tiled my head in agreement. “I see your point my metal friend. I too, dislike the waste of life. Such as it is, I would risk my life for any who would stand and defend life.” To this he seemed to approve of my words, for the mechanical humming grew louder. We sat in silence for awhile, each enjoying the company of the other.
Finally, “I was granted my autonomy today Wanderer. I am now my own person, sentient, whole, free. I can do whatever I want, or go wherever I want. But where do I go? What do I want?” He turned and looked at me. “I am the only one of my kind. I have no family, no friends. This town celebrates me a hero, while looking at me as an abomination. My creators fight over me as a pack of wolves fight over meat.” He stopped talking again, looked over as a woman held her son’s hand as they walked toward the residential area. “I will never be able to make my own spawn, or know this emotion you call love. What you do in my place Wanderer?” If a machine could ever look sad or forlorn, it was Blitzcrank. The light of his eyes had gone dim, his legs seemed to barely support his body. The hum was low and deep.
I thought a long time before answering, I knew this was a crucial part of his life, and to change such a life could be for the good, or the bad. “I would do whatever it is that brings you the slightest hint of joy. It is our life’s quest as sentient beings, to determine what to do with our lives. I beg you Blitzcrank, do not waste your life. Yet, you have earned your right as a sentient being to do whatever it is you would like to do. “
“I would like to serve Zaun to the best of my abilities. Yet, to stay in this city would not be..” he stopped, seemingly to search for a word. His voice sparking now. “…comfortable. “
“Well, if you would like to serve Zaun you could always join the League. You fought valiantly for a young girls’ life, would you fight as valiantly for your city as well?” I don’t know why the thought of the League came to me, only that it had offered hope to a young yordel once, maybe it too could bring some light to this lost Golem. He contemplated this for awhile.
“I had considered the League, but had no knowledge as to if they would accept me as a fighter. Do you have such knowledge Wanderer?” He looked at me, seemingly with hope, but it was so hard to gauge his moods.
“I’m sure they would. You have only to volunteer yourself.” With that I rose, it seemed the end was coming to our conversation, and I was due in Noxus soon. “Blitzcrank, may I tell you a joke?” I didn’t want to end the night without testing Blitzcrank at least once.
“A joke? Yes, please proceed.” He turned toward me, his eyes shining brightly.
“How many mages does it take to service a girl?” I asked him with a smile on my face.
After a series of hums, “One.” Was his response.
“As many mages as it takes to…Ryze… to the occasion.” After several seconds of silence Blitzcrank let out a series of cracklings and hums. Laughter. “Yes I see, because of the ArchMage Ryze. Ha. Ha. Very good my fleshling friend. Before we depart may I tell you a joke of my own.” I inclined my head to urge him on.
“I put the ‘Goal’ in ‘Golem’. That was humor, other golems find that to be appropriately funny.” And as he turned to walk away, my laughter spilled out into the cold night air of Zaun. I wasn’t to see Blitzcrank again, until my own service into The League began. But as he walked away, his form shimmering into the night. I had hope for my friend Blitzcrank, hope he would find his reason in life. And hope for my own life as well.
“Good luck my metal friend. May you rise to the top, for you are the Steam Golem Blitzcrank.”

Authors Note: Well this is my version of Blitzcrank’s story. It was shorter than I wanted, there was a lot more I wanted to cover but I don’t want to make it too long where no one will read it. I hope you enjoyed one of my favorite characters. He may yet reappear in another upcoming story I can’ t say. At this time I believe the next story will be Poppy as she was one of the characters mentioned in this story. If perchance someone would like a different story told I’m up for suggestions. Please leave any critiques or anything that I might have messed up. Thanks again: D

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lethargic manny



Me again. I enjoyed the story very much; really felt like something Blitzcrank would have gone through. I will definitely read any other installments if they come. You probably already know but if I'm not mistaken I thought Galio was also known to meet young crying yordle girls while they walk down lonely paths; so you may want to mention him if you do a story on Poppy. Other than that I can't think of anything.