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Gift of Life ( A Maokai one shot )

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There in that dark forest, there was peace, the vegetation grew wildly here, without restraint. The fog that surrounded this forest only emphasized the isolation, the solitude and the tranquil nature of the forest. Something was wrong, something was very wrong. " this scene...what is it? who could possibly.." he wondered where this visual was coming from. Maokai gasped in horror as he began to feel. He slowly began to hear strange things although he was not quite sure what he was hearing or rather what hearing was at all and his mind could hardly grasp the strange sensation of his roots in the soil and his eyes seeing the world before him. His mind quickly looked for an explanation he scanned the area hoping for something familiar anything really that would put his mind at peace. That was when he felt true terror.

His mind was quickly racing " I am concious!? I can think!? what am I? who am I? I cannot remember! why can I not remember! " He suddenly felt a tremendously hot energy coursing through his body,the stinging sensation slowly dragged him more and more into conciousness. He may not have known what he was but he knew he didn't want to be dragged into reality, into consiousness, esspecially not if it was like this. Then a final giant bolt of energy coursed through him immediately causing an explosion. In the blast he gained knowledge he knew who he was, or rather what he was and his mind made sense of all the strange sensations which before had confused him. He was filled with anger. The earth rejected him, the earth his kind companion now cast him out of it's comfort. The explosion came to pass, and that is when he awoke.

He woke up filled with the same rage and disgust he had felt that day. " No creature should remember it's birth..." he thought. Maokai took a good look around at the forest he now resided in. He envied the tree's that stood immobile and serene. He got up from where he had been sleeping. He once again felt the terror of his existance. What was he to do? he was not meant to be alive there was no task he must complete, there was nothing waiting for him, no goal he could accomplish with his own hands. He roared and smashed his arms against the ground. He sighed heavily. Ussually at this point he would remain where he was, trying to immitate his fellow species who still slept. However today for some odd reason he thought he would find purpose even if it was a short and meaningless task. He needed a distraction and so for the first time in a long time he left the forrest.

He walked to the only place he knew, the institute of war. Upon walking in he immediately met the strange assortment of creatures that was usual of the league, everyone hurriedly walking in one direction and others in another seemingly ignoring his presence. He looked around looking for something anything to catch his interest. " What am I doing here? I don't belong and I don't want to belong " He turned to leave and almost tripped over a small mummy. He moved to one side and was about to continue on his way when the mummy stopped him. " you're name is maokai isn't it. i'm amumu. " Maokai stopped perhaps this was his chance at gaining a purpose of sorts. " Yes I am Maokai...what is your name? " The mummy looked at Maokai in awe " I'm Amumu nice to meet you! I'm making an effort to meet all of the other champions. wouldn't it be great to be friends with them all? " Maokai hsd only to think for one second before he thought of an answer. " No " Amumu gasped " but Maokai you'll be lonely if you don't make an effort to meet people! you're coming with me to meet everyone in the league! " Maokai immediately felt tired, he wanted to return back to the forest he knew he shouldn't have left and now was regretting it all the more. Yet this was what he wanted a pointless goal, and this mummy had given him a pointless goal, to meet all the champions in the league. And so they set off....

They had spent the entire day talking and meeting people. Amumu assured him that there were more people to meet and they would try to catch one more person a man Amumu called Jarvan. As luck would have it he was just leaving the institute which gave them a chance to catch up to him. Amumu eager to stop Jarvan before he went off threw his bandages onto Jarvan's legs immobilizing him while Amumu jumped to get close. " Jarvan!! I want you to meet my friend Maokai " Maokai slowly approached Jarvan who had removed amumu's bandages and continued walking as if nothing had happened. " Not now Amumu i'm very busy. " Amumu looked dissapointed. " Oh...that's ok no problem Jarvan how about we ta-" Jarvan quickly lept onto his horse and rode off. Maokai was not suprised by Jarvan's response everyone had been doing the same thing all day everyone had tasks to complete. he looked towards Amumu expecting the eager little mummy to say " OK next is! " as he had ussually said after their encounters all day but this time he did not. He just sat down and cried.

Maokai was confused. " Everyone's always so busy, they're cruel..no one ever wants to come talk to me or ask how i'm doing. They're all so busy.." Maokai began to feel sympathy for Amumu, he realized this mummy too did not have a purpose. " you know Maokai.. I have no idea who I am. One day I awoke to this miserable state the league was my first home and everyone is so busy. " Maokai began to feel sad. " It is not your choice either is it " said Maokai. " You too do not pick to be born, you are just born without a choice. I feel pity for all of you. " Amumu stopped crying and looked up at the giant oak. " but, life isn't a curse, it's a gift! " exclaimed Amumu. " life is very beautiful there is so much opportunity in life! you should be happy. Maokai was outraged happy? for what? this? this pitiful existance fools! you do not know peace that is why you say life is a gift to cope with the fact that your existance is meaningless! He could not however bring himself to tell this to the mummy. " I must go back to the forest " said Maokai and he began to walk back home.

He looked all around him, and began for the first time ever to think positively about his existance. Amumu's words echoed in his head. He began to appreciate life and thought that perhaps that terrible accident from the summoners was not so bad. " I would have never known I was part of such a beautiful race " he thought to himself. He saw a woman planting a sapling into the ground and Maokai smiled. "Perhaps...life is beautiful " . Everywhere he went he saw beauty and he began to forget his anger and his rage. His thoughts were filled with positivity " if other creatures can find meaning in existance then surely I can too. And i suppose the summoners are trying their best to control their magic...." at this he stopped to think for a moment wondering if summoners really were a good to the world.

Thats when his day took an unexpected turn, overheard a conversation between two student summoners. " I can't believe they keep that thing in there, once I become a powerful summoner i'll destroy it " The other student looked annoyed " they can destroy it now if they want to but that thing is pretty useful you know in it's own way. " Maokai approached them " What do you speak of? tell me. " The students looked at Maokai with a bit of fear " Ah! it's Maokai nice to meet you sir I uh...well we were just-" The other student interrupted " N-nothing we weren't talking about anything in particular just some champions of the league thats all. " Maokai was intruiged " what champions? " he said while sprouting a sapling and holding it in his hands in a threatening manner. " Okay okay we'll tell you we were talking about fiddlesticks! we found out where they keep him but please don't tell anyone we're not supposed to know! " and with that they rushed off. " Fiddlesticks....." repeated Maokai. He walked into the institute searching for answers he took the opportunity when he saw a summoner leaving for the day. Maokai stepped into his path. " Ah Maokai " said the summoner. " We haven't yet found a way to revert you but rest assured we're working on i-" " Who is fiddesticks...?" interrupted Maokai. The summoner chuckled. " Your guess is as good as ours. now if you excuse me.." Maokai slammed the ground the summoner easily avoided maokai's attack. " You forget who you attack Maokai, a summoner is more powerful than you can possibly imagine. " Maokai picked up the summoner. " Powerful? perhaps responsible absolutley not! how you've all managed to wield such power without killing yourselves is a miracle!. " The summoner smiled. " Funny you say that Maokai, but we know our limits, and we know how important it is not to cross them. Now i must go put me down at once. " Maokai complied however he was still angry. As the summoner walked out he saw one of the students who had told him about fiddlesticks, perhaps he could shed some light on the mysterious champion. " YOU " bellowed Maokai " tell me, of the champion fiddlesticks." The young summoner approached him " Yes sir we just studied about him and his abilities.. you see he has a strange power of crows and he- " " No tell me about his past..why is he kept in a room. " " Oh...well... there was a summoner...named Istvaan he was a great and powerful summoner the strongest they say! however he began to pursue power that was far too dangerous, and one day he just did not show up to the fields of justice to represent zuan.. in his room they found fiddlesticks, but no sign of Istvaan...anyway Fiddlesticks killed many people who entered i don't reccomend you go see him... his room is supposed to be a secret but I found it if you want to see him. "

" HAHAHAHA " Maokai laughed to himself " what a pitiful summoner! the strongest they say! HAH! "He loved the idea of the strongest summoner being destroyed by his own magic. What a fitting end! He remembered what Amumu had said " Life is beautiful, oh indeed it is this fiddlesticks I must congratulate him in person..he surely taught these summoners a valuable lesson in magic. Only life could give me this much pleasure haha. " He stopped infront of Fiddlestick's door it was protected by a powerful rune seal. " Ah of course, something that could destroy even summoners must be kept behind such heavy protection...this however is no barrier against me. He began to channel an energy around himself. Maokai's ring of energy began to absorb the power of the rune seal and soon enough maokai saw the seal grow weak he took the opportunity and punched the seal shattering it. He opened the door and stepped inside. He was surrounded in darkness, he felt a terrible despair, visions of his birth came back into his mind his life force was being slowly drained he fell to his knees and heard crows crossing across his very inner being as if they were penetrating his soul. " NO! " He shouted angrily and at once summoned a sapling and sent it off into the darkness, once again he cast a magical ring around himself to absorb all energy being used in the room. " you aren't a summoner " said fiddlesticks. Maokai looked into the two emarald dots in the darkness. " you...who are you? " There was no response. " ....fine..then tell me of the summoner Istvaan. did you make him... did you show him the error of his ways..? did you show him how irresponsible it was to use his magic. Obviously right? or else he would be in this room. " At this fiddlesticks responded " and what if he is in this room? " Moakai was confused. " What do you mean? " again no answer. Moakai was determined to get an answer. " Fiddlesticks I have no intention of harming you even after your cruel welcoming however if i must I will hur-" Fiddlesticks chimed in " Istvaan yes...ah what power..his conscience was broken a long time ago...his state of mind thrown into despair and his body mutilated beyond recognition by his own magic as you said " Maokai found fiddlestick's answer disturbing. " What are you saying? is he still alive? " Fiddlesticks did not respond. " Fiddlesticks answer me. " Fiddlesticks moved closer to Maokai " and looked Maokai straight in the face for the first time the emerald eyes seemed to show anger " My name is not fiddlesticks! " Maokai stepped back. " You're...you I can't believe it you're- " He was interrupted by a blue light that called Fiddlesticks to the fields of justice in a manner of seconds Maokai was left alone in the forbidden room. He walked over to the door and stepped out in silence. It wasn't until he stepped out into the light that he realized just how much damage he'd taken in the room. " Life is beautiful is it Amumu..." he said aloud " No, not like this not when there are people like him who seek power. He's learned his lesson but humanity has not they will continue to pursue power they connot wield! they disgust me, it is because of them I am here.. alive..I will teach them a lesson for their selfish use of magic. I will punish them..and I will use this power until I am free of it. " At this he smiled and walked back towards the forest. His purpose attained.