Need a red's input

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So just played a ranked game... 1130's.
There was a miscommunication in team select as to who would take mid/jungle. Well we had a jax first pick top, next Kennen and following a Vlad.
Rage ensued in team select prior to the game starting.. We get into a game and rather than attempting to play it out without a jungle they both left at lvl 1.

My question is, why am I losing rating for this when 2 players can't talk something out.
The Jax, Janna(duoQ) and I tried to play it out but being 3v5 it just didn't end well.

I know this happens very frequently but rarely do you see it voiced aside from the generic(omg afkers, hateee!)

I'm not qq'ing but I just want an answer as to why I'm losing rating. If anything a loss forgiven for the 3 who tried would be swell.