Vlad vs Kassadin

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Not Olaf

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I'm usually seeing myself laning mid against Kassadin and most the time it's against players who tries very hard to keep me underfarmed and underleveled by harassing me with his void ball of wtf range. His hadouken seems to outdamage my transfusions and I can never heal back the amount he inflicts on me.

So I'm asking all you other more pro Vlads just what do you do against someone like Kass who has greater range and annoying harass?

Only answer I can think of is just afk at my own tower and pick off the overexerting minions like boss.

All the time it just seems like one lucky kill from Kass will usually be enough advantage to snowball curbstomp our game dramatically.

If there's any other secret than play defensively I'd like your opinions. They usually don't even bother farming with their q.

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Kass is a good counter to Vlad. Either hug the tower like you said or ask to switch lanes.