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Help me Understand.

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I am having some trouble understanding some concepts, and I could really really use some help with them.

Allow me to Preface this with: I do not play PRO, I do not play Ranked. I have no intention of playing either EVER. Having said that I currently play Normal games of Classic and now and then Dominion. SO anything I say is what I have seen from my 150 or so games. Please try and keep that in mind when responding thank you.

The concept of an AD carry is they farm up get their build in place and proceed to carry the team. By carry the team that means they are responsible for the max DPS they can do correct?

Granted it is different in other formats but the Carries I often see in my games and from my experiences, baring some champion unique builds, focus of just a few stats.

Crit Chance
Crit Damage
Life Leach
Attack Speed

In my Games I often see this accomplished with:
Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer, Phantom Dancer, Blood Thirstier, Blood Thirstier, Black Cleaver.

Granted it is often different at pro but I see this time and time again at my level. Aside from Zoning them out and preventing Farming What items should I or my Team buy to Mitigate this DPS?

Remember at my level of play we more times then not do NOT have a Tank, so without going into Champion exclusive items, or abilities, or Counter picks,

Some things people say are items such as,
Frozen Heart,
Ramdin's Omen
Ninja Tabi
Ziona's Hourglass

I also understand that a simple solution is to Focus them down and or use CC.

This is not always available at my level of Normal game play as people play who they want and often have little to no teamwork.

If we assume I notice one of the other teams 2 or 3 AD champions working on their build,

what is the best combination of items to slow it down?
How effective is say using the Active of the Omen, followed by the Hourglass ?
Or will most Champions simply retreat wait out the duration and continue?

I know there are lots of threats about this and thank you for taking the time to read mine, I simply wanted to know what Item combination provides the best AD Defense for the Item slots used. Thank you