New idea for something I could do.

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Hello, I'm NMaster132 (Nick as I liked to be called), I was in class today during writing we were talking about poetry. We each had to come up with a poetry and I made my about hope and life but here's the twist it was based off of Jarvan IV, King of Demacia. You can't really find it hidden in the words unless I tell you which I did, but I was thinking about doing this for every champion. Going into their story making some sort of poem or something but have a real message hidden behind it. I wanted to know what you all thought of this idea should I grow on it or just drop it. I hope to improve my writing skills while also thinking about the game I love. Tell me some feed back and I will get to all your comments soon thanks
Have a good night.
(Here's the poem I wrote today)
Remember the friends you have beside you. The friends that will fight the war with you.
Remember that you can be the leader. The victorious king of the land you own.
Remember you aren't alone. An army to follow you into battle.
Remember life. That you will fight to the end.
Remember to not cave in. Support will always be at your aid.
As you lay your flag down. The ground raises around you.
Never give up. Don't stop fighting til your last breath comes.
(Sorry if this is a bad poem )