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**BURZ.E** Recruiting for 5v5 + Tournaments

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About Burzurk Entertainment (BURZ.E):
We already have a few members who are part of our team that frequently play. I have been playing for several months now and am looking for players who are tournament ready. I do not rage (often), but I will let you know if you are doing things that are unacceptable. That being said, we are also mature players, we have fun on vent, but are not overly boisterous or annoying.

Play Style:
I am very much a counter attacking minded player against similarly good teams. Against bads, who gives a ****. I do not like players who are overly gung-ho looking for every gank on the map, that often leads to solo deaths but that play style does suite some players and some match ups. A Shaco, for example, who runs in for one kill only to die is not acceptable. I do not like players who die ALL THE TIME outside of team fights. If you lose at team fight, it's acceptable, dying alone in the jungle because you want a buff is not acceptable. Know when it is, and isn't, acceptable to venture off on your own.

What we're looking for:
I am looking for a handful of players to try and get a consistent 5v5 team going. My success with other various clans group ques, in terms of winning, has been slim as they tend to be .... not very good as a whole to say the least. Anyone who goes 0 / 10 or of similar record is not acceptable on my teams, ever. Particularly, a player who mains a character that can jungle and gank, assuming there are two solo laners, is of particular interest (top tier ww, udyr, ect) as 5v5's tend to be short lived if you purely try to lane.

1. We normally play between 530pm - 1230am EST If you cannot be on at these times in some consistent manner then do not bother as I am looking for CONSISTENT players, both in their game play and availability.
2. Have vent and be able to communicate (engrish is fine), that means listening as well as speaking
3. BE GOOD! I'm not looking for average players who are normally negative in k/d and have never taken over a game themselves or those who get carried through wins. I do not enjoy hand holding, unless youÂ’re a qt I want winners!!! I want players who know their roles, ie. don't try to 1 v 5 the other team, and understand if 3 of them are pushing, run to your tower to defend as well as not die, not into the middle of them!
4. An understanding of basic mechanics is essential. Listed above, focus fire, when to team up and stop solo'ing / jungle'ing ect
5. Feel free to post about yourself, I do not typically care what your best 5 characters are as you should be able to play more than 5 characters, but I do care about your credentials and capabilities and what type (carry, support, tank, healer) of characters you main. Post those.

Additionally, I have registered a team for the tournament coming up August 8. A link to the tournament can be found here. (http://www.alienwarearena.com/event/intel-lol)The tournament is a 5v5, so more focus will be shifted to a 5v5 team. Should the team manage to qualify for the tournament (top 16 teams) additional sponsorship will be incorporated for those players.

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Senior Member


I'm interested in playing a couple games with you and/or your teammates to see what you guys are like, both in terms of in-game skill and socially.

In terms of skill, please see my solo queue stats. They are from pure solo queue, and while my elo (1270) is not yet where I'd like it to be, you'll see that my stats suggest that my elo will normalize much higher than it currently is.

My favorite role is support and I main Morgana. I also play Amumu and Warwick often, jungling with both, and have recently been fine-tuning a carry AD Ezreal, for the purposes of climbing the solo queue ladder. I pride myself on my ability to play almost a dozen champions effectively - I think that is what is needed to succeed in 5v5 draft mode.

In terms of availability, starting next week (just finishing summer position at law firm) I will play for several hours between 5 and 12 EST, multiple days a week. If your team requires play every day for an extended period of time, I'm not interested - I am an adult with a life (law school) and cannot guarantee play time every night. I'd estimate I play 15-20 hours a week.

If all of that works for you, please add me in game and lets play some. I should be around at some point tonight between 9 and 12pm EST, if not, then tomorrow.