Zeke's herald on Trundle and Taric is incredible

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Had a game where both me (Trundle) and Taric both got the new flag item. It was insanely good! Taric and me became invincible whenever we fought with the aura overlap. Taric even started getting more kills than our carry.

Zeke's flag
Force of Nature

I could tank/kite a full built AP Morde and Ziggs. At the same time. I could dodge the Ziggs bombs and anytime I could melee Morde I would heal any damage he did. Whenever things could difficult I'd just pillar them and run away. I lived in their jungle and there was literally nothing they could do. I could eat any squishies that tried to solo farm

The best part? My team raging for at me for 5 mins to escape while I fought/kited the entire enemy team. Then they stopped typing and just joined in and we aced them. Everyone was mad at the end.

True troll lyfe yo.

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Might have to try it out next time I play Taric. Maybe.