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Wukong build help

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Ive decided to try out Wukong again. I found out that he is a viable jungler so im going to try to keep him in my stable as a jungle or solo top choice.

The issue im having though is ive never really figured out exactly how I should build him.

Ive got the runes and masteries figured out.. and I know that im going to go wriggles and triforce on him, and probably ionian boots.

What about after that though? Should you build an infinity? or tanky? or what?

Wukong has never struck me as the type that can carry his team.. his biggest contribution outside of harassing people and taking out squishies seems to be his ult... so should you get a bloodthirster to maximize ult damage? He is also pretty flimsy so maybe not.

I dunno. Any advice is welcome.

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I dont really like him as a jungler. Compared to say Xin, he has no sustain, less burst, no slowing effect.
This makes him an average ganker and average clear speed jungler.

I think hes better solo top, since he has a hard to stop harassment combo. Charge em, autoattack,Q-attack,Decoy and run off. He sheds creep aggro and their counterattack easily.

As for build, decoy helps his survivability a LOT. Im not entirely sure you need to go really tanky with him, though he of course wont be glass cannon.

Wriggles seems good for him either jungler or solo top. I'd then get a Phage, negatron, to TriForce Banshee. That gives him pretty decent resists and health boost, plus the movespeed, onhit burst proc and slow proc. That covers the basics.

Or, you could take a Philo Stone instead for more mana for harassment and some extra gold either instead or in addition to the wriggles.

From there, build whatever I suppose. Aegis is good if your support didn't get it. Bloodthirster is solid obviously and gives the most skill-boost from AD. Atmas would still be cost effective since you'd be at 2700ish health.

You could also try a game with Warmog,Atma and see how that goes. Then compare the two builds. But like I said, good use of Decoy allows you to escape a lot of beatings.