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why do i always get disconnected from the game...ok thats the servers problem...and i have proof...

i have using my neighbors wifi....granted me access to it..anyway...this is the problem...about 4 days ago...things always gets too lagy...well...i can cope up with that but then in turned from a lag to a disconnection!

up right it disconnects my wifi and heres the catch it also hides my neighbors wifi...imagine that...and when i try to open my wifi it says something about wireless zero configuration...good thing i have something to divert that but wait...theres more...the freaking thing wont connect to any wifi unless i restart my laptop...its starting to piss me off...

after the latest patch i begun smoothly again but just after my 2 match this day the freaking "bug" bugged me again...i mean now...if i get a defeat from a surrender vote right before the usual "DEFEAT" button comes up it disconnect...nice huh?

please...riot...this is just a heads up...do fix the problem...im really not complaining about the matches that i recently had and i do love this game...just wish you guys would find some time to fix this problem....if its my neighbors fault then my bad...but i really think that this is one of the bugs that your server have coz i tested some online games that i have here and the disconnection thing doesnt happen to them...just this game...hope you advice me something...

cheers mate...thanks for sparing a little time reading this...hope my problem get fixed as soon as possible...

thank you ^_^