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AD Ezreal Build

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I love Ezreal, but I just can't get him to compare to the other options. Besides having poorer damage, even Tristana feels more mobile thanks to her Rocket Jump having longer range, and a fast cooldown mechanic that doesn't eat up mana like spamming Mystic Shot.

I had been building Ezreal as such...

Runes: Penetration Marks and Quints, Managen/level Seals and Glyphs

Masteries: Standard 21/0/9


Wriggles Lantern
Zerker Greaves
Trinity Force
Situational from this point...

This build is good for maximizing his Mystic Shot damage while still doing some solid auto-attacks. However, it doesn't compare to alternatives at higher levels. I can do far more sustained damage with more mobility and utility with Tristana, without giving up much range.

So I want to try out Ez as a more traditional AD Carry, with more auto-attacks. But I'm not sure how to build, the only option I've come up with is swap Bloodthirster for Infinity Edge, and just play differently. I figure I should move the runes around though, maybe run armor seals and mana glyphs. How do people build their auto-attacking Ezreal?