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Lane Combos?

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Whether you are playing in 5v5 or 3v3, you might encounter a dual team that totally rocks. Then you suddenly realize that they are the enemy, and they are going to squash you. (AKA time to run).

Below are some lane partners that (in my opinion) are ridiculous combos

Nocturne's Fear can only come into effect once Nocturne is within a certain distance of an enemy for a period of 2 seconds. This can become frustrating for a Nocturne player to pull off, unless you have a Sion with that player. Due to the fact that Sion has a flat stun period of 1.5 seconds, these players can repeatably abuse this Crowd Control combo, as long as the Nocturne player activates the ability 0.5 - 0.9 seconds before the Sion's Cryptic Gaze goes off and cooldowns are low. In addition to Sion's AOE shield and Nocturne's damage, you might find yourself dead in 2 - 3 seconds.

COUNTER: Mercury Treads + Cleanse is an solution. Other counters are Irelia (passive) and Alistar (ult).

Its like as if RIOT wanted a OP combo built into the mechanics of passives. Talon gets more damage if the target is stunned or Slowed, and Sejuani's passive is like a frozen mallet (slow per basic attack). In addition, all of Sejuani's abilities have some sort of slow or cc. Welcome to the suck.

COUNTER: Sejauni is a melee character, and Talon only becomes extremely deadly once a slow or stun has been cast. To prevent this dual lane combo from killing you, you need to remember that Sejuani is a melee character. Preventing Sejuani from reaching you is key, and this is usually accomplished via binds and slows of your own. In addition, Talon is incredibly fragile once you focus him. Cc the tank (bind, entangle, slow, stun), kill/rush Talon, and leave the tank alone.

This combo might not seem much, but the range of the both's Q is ridiculous. Once Lux lands her primary bind and secondary bind on your partner and yourself, you are going to eat a boomerang.....with damage with the initial and return throw. This means that this team combo exists to make certain that Sivir does the most damage with Boomerang.

COUNTER: Sivir and Lux can only dominate a lane if they can keep you and your partner far away. Getting champions like Xin + Jarvan can help. Jarvan's combo works regardless of Sivir's spell shield, as CC"s are not negated. Xin can rush in and due massive DPS. The plan of action is usually to target Sivir, as your dual knock ups make escape hard...unless they have flash

If you have any other OP dual combos, please comment below!

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Absolute Loss



as of the current meta game lanes such as sej talon or noc sion never happen. noc is a jungler and sion is a carry having two champs in a lane that need the farm is just a waste.as for lux sivir combo its pretty much countered by 90 percent of the bot lanes out there ie and support with a heal. having sustain in bot lane beats those kill lanes such as sivir and lux.graves and leona.

that bieng said the strongest lanes atm (duo) which is ad range and support in bot lane are as follows.

sivir soraka
vayne alistar
cait janna
graves leona

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These lanes are less than optimal.

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I'd like to know who would be the best lane partner for Riven? In a ranked game where would you place her and with who? Or do you top solo her?