Jungle Cho'gath

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I just started trying out jungle cho today and have the paths down okay, but I'm having trouble learning when, where, and how to gank.

I know I'm supposed to gank when the opponents are overextended, but if the other team is smart about staying back, do I just keep jungling?

Also, what's a good way to initiate? I find it's a little hard and time-consuming to wait for a good moment to rupture, but just walking in seems a little dumb.

How should I advance my skills? I know the general format to start off with, but I'm not sure when to stop pumping points into vorpal spikes and when to start putting points into rupture and scream. And what build? I'm not sure how to balance out items that are necessary for jungling and items necessary for tanking/teamfighting.

Lastly, when do I stop jungling?