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Building a more fabulous Taric ?

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Lethal stoner

Senior Member


when i play taric (have only did that twice since the ult change tough :'( ) but anyway
i ussualy get boots first
boots 3 mostly but if i need the defence either ninja or mercs (judging on their team tough)
ofc aegis
Rageblade (ap first)
lich bane
And if the game still last from here just get moar AP

also just building him full out tank is just lovely full enemy ad team?
go for taric

ive also had some luck building him hybrid aspeed
malady wits end nashors just heals allday also a frozen heart fits well with this build

he is also playable as full ap but you need CDR asswel
CDR boots
you could also fit in an Rylais after your boots the aoe slow from your shield has good usage in a winning teamfight or even 2v2

hope this gives you some inspiration