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Blind Pick vs Draft Pick

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Pretty much my thoughts on why not to play draft.

Oh, I'll never be a competitive, tournament player. I'll never learn counter-picking or draft psychology. On the other hand, I can get two games in for every one of your draft, due to lower queue times and the time it takes to go through the picking and banning.

Rammus doesn't really give me many problems. Jax is challenging, not impossible. Kassadin I don't even *see* that often (I'm probably too low elo to see him much).

My problem with blind is people from SR who consider Dom the 'testing grounds'. They want to test a new champ and a new build, argue about kill-stealing, ask why you're building a mass of minions instead of attacking the point defender, yell at Sona for building AD and say she's just a support, and so many other things that are immensely frustrating. They think Dom was only built as a fast way to test SR builds. It amazes me that they even realize the 4-top 1-bot meta exists.

Still, that's a small price to pay. And when you get right down to it, I'm playing a game for fun. I don't find draft-picking, banning, and counter-picking to be fun. It's five minutes of snoozefest, the same reason I left SR on a smaller scale.

OP +1

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definitely blind pick. fast q times can play a champ that I want to play without too many people whining.
I can probably finish a game in blind pick before a game even starts for draft
I also don't try to be a competitve player, I play to have fun, not min maxing to the extreme.