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Just make sure you don't rush Trinity Force first because you'd be too squishy to do anything with it. I've seen other Nasus players do that and they end up really easy to kill.

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I'd go Sheen boots And The rest is up to you and your team and enemies make up. Last time i played Nasus I went Full Aura + def / dmg.

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Set Tesh

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Dorians shield
Ageis of the legion (if you can build in one go grab boots first)
Merc treads

every thing else depends ont he team
you can go to triforce for more dps
or ga for more tankage
and so on and so forth

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I build him tank

Right off the bat I buy the shield and health pot
I get the Chalice (once I got that I practically never run out of mana plus it has magic resist)
Then I get my Ninja Tabi
I then buy 3 heart of golds
after that I sell the shield and get a sunfire cape
I then get Randunins Omen
I sell another heart to get Guardian Angel
I finally sell the last heart (if I even get this far) to get Warmogs armor

The combined mass of Armor and Heath plus health regen, lowered attack speed of opponents and revive from guardian angel make me pretty much unstoppable.

Use your spirit fire to harass opponents and kill minions in the beginning, once it hits lvl 5 you can kill most minions with one. When your making a stand drop one on the ground around you to do that extra push of damage to the melee guys hitting you. Get this skill at lvl 1 and max it out first (the extra minion kills help build up a nice gold base)

Use wither to slow people chasing you or people your chasing. Also good to save an ally being chased or lower attack speed of someone hitting you/ally/turrent. Usually I only put one lvl into this skill (at lvl 3) until I max out SF and SS where I then max it out.

Siphoning Strike is pretty good, though I dont usually bother trying hard for the extra damage from killing blows, though if I see a chance Ill use it. Good for dishing out a harder hit. Max this one out second.

Right off the bat get lvl 1 of all 3 of your skills to use each then max out SF then SS and W making sure to add levels to your ultimate whenever you can.

Your job is pretty much the juggernaut, take as much of the damage as possible and dish out damage where you can. Your ultimate is great to either save yourself when your running or to give you a huge boost against opponents trying to kill you. It drains their health while giving you a lot more and increasing your damage. I find that a combination with other AOE heroes (Mundo is my current fav to team with) will damage all heroes very quickly.

/Thats at least how I play him, any questions? :P

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sheen boots trin force tanky items.