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I'm in a game right now, with a team that refuses to surrender. All they've done is harassed me, and blamed me for their deaths(If you only ulted from the other side of the map, Ashe, I could have lived!). They told me their going to report me for playing bad, and that I should AFK at fountain. Then they said they're going to report me for AFKing... Lol. Please tell me why I get matched up with baddies who can't even speak english?

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hmm i feel u there...why do noobs report us when their doin bad...i was just in a game where i was the only tank on the team and cus of me we were takign down turrets...w/o me they couldn't do anything alone...so i decided ima stop playing offensive for them and just sit at base a farm minions and they said their gonna report me...so like wtf...idiots...why do all the good ppl get banned and all the bad players remain in game?