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Is AP/attack speed warwick a proper build?

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Ya it seems like a nice build just wondering what order you go in for items though? I am currently jungling warwick and building

1) Spirit Visage
2) Mercury Treads
3) Glacial Shroud
4) Frozen Mallet
5) Frozen Heart (upgraded from Glacial Shroud)
6) Ionic Spark
7) Situational Item

Would you build that in a different order or does that seem logical?

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Boomstick II

Senior Member


I play him in top lane, so it's a little bit different for me...

This is what I build:
- I rush a chalice for that crazy mana regen. This way I can spam my Q harrass and stay in lane forever.
- I build boots 1, then glacial shroud, then boots 2 (either tabi or mercs)
- I build wit's end after that (I know you don't include it in your build, but I like the ST damage, AS, and MR on it)
- Then I'll usually finish up my Frozen Heart (that 20% AS debuff is pretty strong, don't underestimate it! And the 99 armor is awesome too.)
- At this point, I'm extremely tanky, so I'll probably build phage then ionic spark. Then build phage into frozen mallet.
- After I have boots 2, chalice, frozen heart, frozen mallet, ionic spark, and wit's end then I look for what I want to replace chalice with (if I haven't already replaced it that is...). Spirit visage is a good option to make up for the 30 MR that you lost, but remember it's always situational.

For jungling, you'll probably want something more like this:
- Boots (of course)
- Ionic Spark (WW is a slow jungler, he needs something to clear faster and since you're not getting wriggle's this is probably something you'd want early)
- Phage (to help with ganks when you don't have red buff... hopefully your ganks will be successful with just your ult, but the slow from phage is there just in case. 5 hits from your ult almost guarantees a slow)
- Boots 2 (tabi or mercs)
- Glacial Shroud
- Spirit Visage (depends on if you really want it now or not)
- Finish Frozen Heart
- Finish Frozen Mallet
- Situational (I would suggest an attack speed item, preferably wit's end for MR)
- If you don't get Spirit Visage then some other viable options would be:
a. WotA (your Q does %HP damage, WotA will make you heal even more plus buff your AP carry)
b. MBR (against health stackers)
c. Aegis (depends on your support)
d. Black Cleaver / Starks (make your AD carry stronger, and possibly your jungler if you had an AD jungler; IDK about the new stark's though)
e. Void Staff / Abyssal Scepter (For extra MPen... Abyssal is probably better due to it's aura and MR)

Those are my thoughts, but I'm not an avid WW jungler so I wouldn't know, hope I helped

Late game, you can literally 1v2 or 1v3 unless they have boatloads of CC. And even then, you're tough to take down!

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I have my own build focused around magical damage, its very strong damage vs champions, minions, note you do little damage to towers although your 2.0+ attack speed helps there so push the enemy champions off the tower if your team is with you, if they arent you can split push and take towers if needed.

Armor Yellows, MR blues, Mpen Reds, Attack speed quints, 12, 6, 12 masteries (taking GP/10 mana and mana regen in utility, CDR + mpen in and 3 points in Havoc, and armor/MR in defence) another choice is 9,9,12 changing the 3 points in havoc into HP.

1) Philostone (for early Q's while laning and free gold)
2) Sorc Shoes (for a total of 28 mpen)
3) Wits end (Mres, on hit damage and Attack speed)
4) Glacial shroud (CDR, Armor, Mana)
5) Giants belt (HP)

Order of the below changes depending on what I need more in general im tanky enough to build the blood razor fast and get massive dps
6) Madreds Blood Razor (Big on hit magic damage)
7) Frozen Mallet
8) Frozen Heart

9) Can sell philo stone for a 6th item or convert to elisa's miracle for tenacity as needed

You can also build as a tanky DPS AD build however I feel other champions who have AD ratios are better suited to that sort of itemisation (Lee sin, shyvanna etc). Basically what makes Warwick unique is his large magic damage nuke on Q, his attack speed steriod and his Ulti, so I build entirely around these 3 points trying to create the most damage from each of them to create a strong champion capable of tanking pretty much anything that comes his way.

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Senior Member


Didn't read through any of this thread, just going to post my usual Warwick build.

Sorc Boots, WoTA, Spirit Visage, Frozen Heart, Malady, Wit's End.

Gives attack speed, Armor, Mana, a little AP, some magic pen, passive magic damage (which does more damage due to sorc boots) and 500+ heals on your Q, which are always nice.

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Junior Member



Merc's Treads
Ionic Spark
Wit's End
Guardian Angel
Force of Nature
Madred's Bloodrazor

Dem on-hit effects.

force of nature doesnt exist anymore....

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So you notice the force if nature in the build... but nothing else about this entire thread?

Hint: something smells like dead bro, 2012 back of the fridge, green shag carpet dead.

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Thread Necro, fail