LFM Ranked 5's

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I've played with a couple of ranked 5's, and the leaders of it dont tend to have a strat, they just assume that staying in your lanes the whole game will lead to victory. I'm hoping I can find some people who think like me and KNOW thats not true. Anyways I usually play rammus and for a backup tank will be mundo, I need some people to make a ranked 5's because I can just imagine winning that tourney and getting all that gnarly comp stuff. Anyways if anyone is seriously interested to make a team thats hella good then add me on msn. Epicsauce@hotmail.com, or just talk to me in game, I have a vent we can use and you'll probs need to use it to be on the team unless you're like the bees !@#$in knees, i also dont know if i was allowed to curse in the thread so that explains the symbols. Anyways, let me know, pce