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The sheer uselessness of Oracle's Extract (Dominion) is astounding.

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Twitch has become my new IP farm because he's truly stupid easy....just neutralizing vacant enemy held towers has an imbalanced gamebreaking effect and splits the enemy team up enough to allow my teams to win almost every single time..if you dont believe me go try it. Just stealth and neutralize empty bases the entire game..pick up ganks at your convenience.. Once you get an IE and two phantom dancers you can turret dive towers held by one player with ease.....lets not mention how easy it is to hold towers solo....its really fun but totally insanely imba.

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I never see stealth champions be a problem at highish rating on Dominion.

People just don't get caught by them. With every friendly or neutral point giving stealth detection and the ability of a Lightbringer or Sweeper to hard-counter tactical stealthers (Hi Akali who can't usefully shroud) and provide a chance to accidentally reveal Twitch anytime an Ezreal Q or some random guy's AoE spell gets used, it's just not that hard to stop them....

Shaco's still a fairly common ban more because of his boxes than anything ... and his boxes aren't nearly as scary on Dom anymore since the duration nerf.

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OP: you have to click the extract then you'll be able to see them stealthers.

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Oracle's is fairly meh. It's good if you've already bought six items and none of them are Sweeper/Lightbringer and you still need to deal with Shaco/Vayne/Wukong. It works to reveal Eve/Twitch, but it doesn't protect you from them - you still can't wander off into the jungle alone unless you want to get caught.

What balances Eve is that she falls off later on in the game, when her burst no longer instagibs.

What balances Twitch is that beyond the "surprise 2v1!" ambush factor, he is a squishy ranged AD with no escape, like Ashe.

Oracle's or not, you still need to use the buddy system and stick with a teammate, and you cannot overextend in bot lane, since otherwise you create advantageous odds for an enemy who can scout you with impunity and pick fights on their unfair terms.