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@Riot Spectator suggestion

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I posted this in GD, but it might be better suited here...

Hey Riot!

I've been getting into shoutcasting the past couple of weeks, and it's been great working with the spectator client. I think you guys have done a wonderful job with it, and you've placed just about everything that's needed within the client making it real easy to commentate and discuss how the game is going on.

I HAVE ONE SUGGESTION THAT WOULD BE A HUGE HELP! Make it so the champions in the middle box can be rearranged within the box. This way you can match up each champion to their counter part. This will make it a lot easier to see how the ranged AD's are stacking up against each other, the AP carries, top, jungle, support etc. I don't think this is a huge request, and it will probably go a long way for future competitions!

Thanks for reading, bump if you like the idea!