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Webpage: Make Tribunal link more prominent?

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Crossposting this from the Tribunal section, because there's not a 'webpage' subforum...

I have noticed that the link to the Tribunal is rather hard to track down on the LoL front page of the website. It is not accessible from any of the links of the drop down menus - nor the side buttons on the right - nor the buttons located below the news ticker. The news ticker has a slide about the Tribunal, but no link to the Tribunal itself. To access it from the front page I usually find myself scrolling all the way to the bottom and clicking it under the "Community" list down there.

Of course I have easily remedied this by bookmarking it on my home computer, but that is not possible at work - which are the times I would actually do the Tribunal instead of just playing some matches.

Is there anyway we might see it added somewhere near the top of the page? Seems like RIOT would like to encourage more new Tribunal users they might add it to those right hand buttons like "refer a friend".

tl;dr : Lazy summoners don't like looking all over pages for links.

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i agree with mellivor