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Alistar tips!

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I just unlocked Alistar, and I like the way he plays, but I'm sucking royally with him.

I'm used to playing Singed, which is much different.

What items do I stack? What strategies can I use to become a more effective tank and killing machine?

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Alistar is great even without much in the way of gear honestly. I tend to get aura items to support the team and use flash to initiate with him. use your knockup and knock back to disrupt the enemy and feed your team kills, pop your ult if you get focused. You won't be getting kills with him, but you'll flat out win team fights.

Oh, and you can tank towers like a boss.

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http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...ad.php?t=23446 (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=23446)

Above are the links i used for this build. Since I'm not at lvl 30 I ignore the rune/masteries info and just hodge podge it. And as with a game of this type...adjust as needed to your needs at the time in the game.

Summoner skills: flash/ghost + Heal/teleport
(i usually use ghost and teleport since I don't have flash yet and you have your own heal with your E skill so that isn't really an issue)

For skills lvl 1-6 i go: Q W E E Q R

For items (in descending order):

-Meki pendant + hp pot
-Chalice of Harmony
-Boots (merc/ninja tabi/mobility, depends upon damage you're taking)
-Aegis (this was my own addition, it made a difference for me at least and once I have this item usually the game gets a heck of a lot easier at this point.)
-Trinity force
-w/e you feel you lack at this point be it damage, armor, etc.

I don't focus on kills with this character because that isn't what he's for. He can get some kills late game but before then you should be pounding minions, CC'ing other heros with your stun for your DPS and beating the **** out of turrets. Your ult is great for turret crushing as well as doing extra damage to other champions. Your job is to take damage, CC, and push basically. Feel free to correct me if I am messing something up.

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Hey ^^

I hope I'll be able to help you, as Alistar is my weapon of choice for ranked games, 8-0 with him so far (win/loss hehe). I'm mentioning this not to brag, but to assure you that he is a perfect choice if played correctly and has very high potential.

I'll start with the pregame setup: masteries and runes.
for masteries I use 9 points in offence and 21 in defence. As you are not level 30, I'd suggest you go all the way in defence with magic resist, armor, hp regen, etc...
for runes i take mana per level with flat hp quints, but any mage or tank set will do.

note: take flash as a summoner spell. You'll need it. You can take a second spell of your choice. good spells: ghost, fortify, clairvoyance, heal, clarity

early game: you have a few good choices. Doran's Ring, mana manipulator and boots + potions. I'd recommend u start with Dorans because the other two require more awareness.

Skill order: take the stun first to assist any possible battles at lvl 1. Then get heal, heal, once W to push people, then heal max, ultimate when possible, stun as a secondary skill and W last.

Your job is to heal all the time and push the kreeps, as well as support your partner. At early levels the kreep does a lot of damage. If you have healed your wave well and their kreeps are on low ho and there's a champion near them, a well positioned stun will finish their kreeps and knock the champion. Then what you have to do is walk past him and push him from behind into your kreeps who will start attacking him. If your partner has a skill or two this is often a kill.

An other scenario is if a champion is close infront of your advancing kreep wave. You can flash to stun + push. Like i said, early game kreeps kill.

If you have managed to get a kill or two in your lane and reached level 6, you should push the tower with ultimate + heals. With any luck, you'll take it down at once, or at least hurt it badly.

Your most important items are glacial shroud and soul shroud. Cooldown recution is the key to voctory, as it means more frequent heals, stuns and headbuts in a team fight. Also soul shroud reduces the cooldowns of your friends, and you job IS to stay close to them anyway.

Normally you don't get too much gold, so the game should be over by the time you upgrade your glacial to frozen heart, but in case it isn't you can get an Aegis of legion and a tri force.

Boots; either boots 3 or boots of mobility. I prefer boots 3. In some rare cases mercury (if you're being CC'd too much, but people generally don't target alistar a lot).

Roles: lead the team into a fight, use flash + ult + stun to iniciate, headbut dangerous people away, or break channelings, etc. Stay close to your friends and don't stop healing, spam stun every time it's up. Afterwards push towers.