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Pub stomping with a friend.

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My friend wants me to duo with him to get him out of 1200 elo range so I'm going to help him.
Going to start off saying, I hate ranked, I've been gold last season in arranged 5v5 and I've been up to 1680 this season doing duo. Only reason is that my friends wanted me to play with them last season for the 5s so I agreed. Only reason I even do duo ranked is with a buddy of mine who I met on WoW about 7 years ago that loves to do ranked. I'm not a "high" ranked player, I'm not a pro. Just better than the average joe at games.

Was just wondering, who are good "pub stompers?" I usually play AP. That's my bread and butter. That's my love. It's what I do. First characters I ever played when I pick up this game two years ago were Kassadin, Karthus and Ryze. For some unknown reason, when I play "tanky ad" characters, I'm a squishy virgin on them. Only tank I seem to have the ability to STAND in their team and laugh like a clown at them is Amumu. I love the little guy <3
So just some thoughts from people who have a good knowledge on this particular subject would be much obliged!

Here are the only champions I do NOT own. Sejuani, Viktor, Volibear, Fizz, Riven, Kog'Maw, Shen, Galio and Urgot.

It really depends on your play style
Here is what I know about the champs you listed...

Sejuani - jungle/tank that can hold the enemy in place while your team wrecks their face in

Viktor - Haven't seen a good Viktor enough to even recommend him. He is probably like a Nunu. Either they are really good or a complete fail. I'd say if he has any potential for pub stomping....You need to be a high skill level.

Volibear - OP tank that nukes low hp targets. Seriously I know a person that mains Voli. This guy and almost wreck house but Voli needs team support to do his job.

Fizz - Serious AP jungler. He can jungle, gank hard core, and he has that ability that negates targeting spells at him.

Riven - Good for solo top. I haven't seen much of her lately but a Urgot can't stop her 1v1 on solo top. I can say that for sure.

Kog'Maw - Sick sick sick ranged nuke/dps. Put Madreds on this fool and he will clean house pretty quick.

Shen - Tank with a teleport. I haven't seen Shen in a while so I can't give a proper assesment.

Galio - Tank, initiator build for pure anti - AP.... Your worse enemy would be a fed AD carry. You will stomp any AP with Galio. His passive make him that good against AP champs. This guy is really fun if your team knows how to support you.

Urgot - I main this guy. I love him. He's ugly and a nasty bruiser. He isn't a AD carry, tank or even a pure support. He doesn't fit into the meta game but if you can make him work, people will be like wtf.... He isn't easy to use to let you know up front. He relies totally on you making the E skill shot. His ulty is very very situational. One bad judgement call with is ulty and you will die or even cause your team to get aced. I wreck house with this champ in solo draft mode normals.

Everyone gravitates towards a certain play style. Use the free week to play test champs. See if they fit your play style. I also use Malphite, Ryze, Nasus, Morde and Galio.