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New Items: Locket of the Iron Solari and Remade Aura Items

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This is great! Stark's was useful but just so hard to build as a support. Also, having a new upgrade option for HoG will be terrific!

Yeah I didn't build Stark's with a support. Ever. Well that is wrong. I build it with my Kayle. Easily. Just because it's hard for YOU to build, does not mean that those of us who use it largely with AD characters welcome the abomination of a Key item for our builds. They Need to bring back Stark's to the way it was before the last patch ruined it and keep the Zeke's Herald in for the crazies who plan on using such a crappy item. I've seen NOT ONE PERSON USE ZEKE"S.

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Love all the rage in here. LOL! Only this community, I swear. To address some things being said in this thread.

#1-Keep the old Stark's with the new Zeke's: You people must not be paying attention. If ONE person had both these items on their champ, that would be a +40% attack speed and +32% lifesteal aura buff. Would be WAY overpowered and totally broken. You can't have one and the other.

#2-Starks no more for AD Carries: Dumb argument. Stark's was a sub-optimal item on 95% of AD Carries and, when picked, was an option, not even close to a requirement. It helped with survivability only. Though the attack speed was a nice boost, for 300 more gold you could have a Phantom Dancer, a FAR better choice on almost every AD DPS champion. The armor debuff was the only really good thing for AD Carries and, considering optimization, Black Cleaver would be a better choice unless you only plan on poking.

#3-No cheap lifesteal items: What the hell is a vampiric scepter? 450 gold for 12% lifesteal, there ya go! And after that, there is Wrigle's, which is a solid item in of itself. Considering cost, Bloodthirster makes Stark's look like a **** item for near-comparable gold amount. While it doesn't have attack speed, it has the damage, and unless you are trolling with some "on-hit, attack speed" troll build, Bloodthirster will ALWAYS be the better choice. Especially once you are at half stacks.

#4-Locket of the Iron Solari is a piece of ****: I say play with it in a team comp before you declare this. My tank playing roommate, who didn't like the sound of it, tried it out in several games due to me pestering him to give it a try. The verdict, he LOVES it. Early game staying power, and a low cooldown shield which can help get away from ganks, last that extra second in a team fight, live when you should have otherwise died, the applications continue from there. It is SUCH a solid item. I don't know why it's dismissed by so many people in this thread. If you DON'T play tank or support, there are FAR better items to spend your gold on. When your tank or support saves your live THREE TIMES in 4 minutes due to it, you will be singing it's praises as well. My aforementioned roommate's team scored an Ace, with ALL members surviving the fight, and they would all have been dead if not for the locket.

tl;dr - Too much QQ about stuff you haven't even tried and people who troll build.

#1 What does it matter if there was the "option" of a combined aura of Stark's and Zeke's?! It's an item choice, and even with such an aura, Zeke's is so ****ty that nobody would buy it anyway!

#2 Stark's was a sub-optimal item for AD Carries? Man you are narrow-minded and maybe a newb(?). Stark's Gave 20% IAS to the holder, 20% IAS, 20% Life Leech, 20 Armor Penetration, and 30 HP per 5 Seconds! Stark's requires no kill-stacks like Bloodthirster. Bloodthirster's stacks are gone after you die. AD Carries are usually squishy, so they WILL die unless you are far advanced and fed and luck goes ALL in your favor. Bloodthirster has ONLY 15% life leech and 60 damage! That is Weak! Bloodthirster has nothing but those stats. Compared to the Stark's Fervor, Stark's BLOWS IT OUT OF THE WATER.

You must be of the opinion that it's better to have absolutely ZERO variety in the game to say that someone should get phantom dancer over Stark's. Myself and Many other players would rather be able to get 6 completely different items rather than get multiples of the same item. How BLAND is it to get multiple items of the same? More variety is BEST. Why is it that you think you can only get one or the other item? Why is it that you think you can't get STARK"S AND BLACK CLEAVER AND PHANTOM!? You are so narrow minded and have not tried any of these things.

#3 No Cheap LifeSteal items!? What is your point? What good is one item taking up space that gives only ONE stat?! How come having attack speed is TROLLING in your opinion? I think you've had your ass kicked by superior builds. Who do you use on a regular basis? In my opinion, troll builds are those who stack up stuns and slows and silences and demobilizers and any other debuffs. You're afraid of some attack speed? if it beats you then get thornmail dude.

#4 Who gives a **** about Locket of the Iron Solari? Let them keep it. It makes no difference to me. But put back in Stark's Fervor and encourage the game's variety by increasing the numbers of items. I mean, in a game that has 92 Champions, why on Earth would they be removing stats reducing the game's variety by limiting the player's ability to experiment in a wide array of build types? I'd rather them bring in more items than to continue to bring in more champions. Who the hell needs 92 Champions to choose from? The new champions in my opinion worsen the game. New items would benefit everyone and every game. P.S.... Must be a terrible and newbie team if they can't survive a team fight without a Locket to protect them! Kudos to your Roommate.

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Starks used to be so good on Kayle, the new item is nowhere near as good...

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Nordic Weasel

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I'll miss Stark's on Mundo, and the Emblem of Valor was a nice early game item for him I understand the changes and will adapt, I suppose. The locket, on the other hand, looks cool.