Strategy with picks and counter picks

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Assuming the most op champs are banned: Tryndamere, Lee Sin, Singed, Riven, Kennen, Morgana

What will be your first pick and why? How would you counter pick your first pick?

Anyways I'm trying to figure out a good strategy and a good team so just going beyond picking op champs.

I play ap champs so usually I would go kennen but I can also go gragas and cass. Will it be wise to first pick an AP or an AD?

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Honestly i and my team generally pick chars that aren't really counter able. rammus for example is an amazing pick. riven is pretty mean. brand is a strong 3's char. all of these chars have a strong early mid and late game. all chars have cc and can get away from a fight pretty easy if needed. really from those banns you just need to go to the next strong chars. a lot of times, even when people are countering, they have a general team comp in mind, so it's wise to do the same