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Help with jungle jarvan

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I've been trying to jungle with Jarvan recently and I'm just slow. So, I had a few questions about builds and items.

I'm only level 17, so no runes and only 17 mastery points. I'm using defense masteries right now, which is what I should do right?

For skills, I go standard, dragon strike, DS, aegis, then max DS first and ult whenever I can, and then maxing standard. Should I be maxing standard first?

Item wise, I start with cloth armor and 5 pots. Whenever I recall for the first time I pick up boots and then work towards madreds->wriggles. After wriggles I go for a heart of gold and then merc treads. After that I'm stuck, though I know it's sort of situational right? So if anybody could give me a solid item build I would really appreciate it.

For my route I just go blue->wolves->wraiths->golems->red/b->b/gank. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance

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You should max E first imo. It gives you atkspeed and armor which helps a lot for jungling.
Try to rush Warmog+Atma once you get your core, this is the most usual build on Jarvan.

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e>q>e>w go gank
or e>q>w> go gank
or e>q go gank

If you get a pull off blue do wolves>blue>wraiths>wolves>doubles, go back, wraiths, red, wolves(or golem depending where you're ganking)
-should hit 4 around 4:30~

Depending what role you're playing as j4, wriggles isn't necessary. You can turn it into an early Aegis, or heck, even go start regen + pot and get philo + HoG first.

Generally though, after Wriggles, HoG, boots, go get a phage. You might even get a phage before you get merc treads.

Be sure to pick up wards every time you go back, even when you do have Wriggles.
Also pick up an oracle around the 15-20 minute mark.

J4 does not need Warmogs, its a waste. He's already got a high hp pool, and his other items more than enough supplement that.

Generally endgame J4 Looks like this:

Wriggles/Zekes(Starks), Trinity, Randuins, Atma's, FoN, Merc Treads.

As a level 17, your runes and masteries are very limited. You definitely need a pull, and its a waste, as j4 isn't too friendly to lower level jungling.

I'd reccomend you start with an easier jungler until you get your full armor runeset.

Nunu is amazing for those learning the ropes of jungling. He really shouldn't be underestimated. Even as a level 17, Nunu should be able to start boots or a regrowth pendant instead of cloth 5. His W gives him enough speed to match boots at low level ganking. He's got a ton of paths, and his build items are very flexible(ad, ap, tank, support). IMO, go learn how to jungle efficiently before you play j4 in the jungle. I'd reccomend you just take solotop as j4 until proper runes.

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Jungling Jarvan at lvl 17 isn't the easiest thing to do- he lacks any innate sustain, which means not having runes and full masteries is pretty painful.

Jarvan really does need a leash at blue (at lvl 30)- blue buff really does speed up his jungle a heck of a lot. Skill order = e, q, q, w, q R. Unless you want to gank at lvl 3, in which case pick up W at lvl 3- you need the slow to gank properly. Starting item is normally cloth armor and 5 pots- although with masteries and runes you can actually start regen pendent and rush philo stone for the gold.

If you want to jungle at summoner 17 though, you really should be doing a stronger jungler. Previous poster is right about Nunu- he cruises through the jungle and then comes screaming out with a vicious gank. You might also try Rammus and Warwick for strong, easy junglers.