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[Skill Suggestions]

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I don't have a suggestion on a character like many others however there are some skills i would like to see in the game. Most are DotA skills that i think are very creative and unique. Forgive me if I missed some skills that already is in the game and feel free to add more if you come up with any. Just as a "warning", if you haven't played DotA much of this won't make any sense to you.

1) Earthshaker's Wall/Stun, I know it's kinda like Anivia's wall but I feel this is a little different and have a few more uses.

2) Vengeful Spirit's Ulti, She can swap places with an enemy. Personally I think that's a very cool spell and would like to see it in LoL

3)Phantom Lancer's passive, where he has a small chance of creating a clone(s) of himself when he attacks. It's kinda like Shaco's ulti which is why I can see why they wouldn't put it in LoL, but Phantom Lancer is one of my favourite heroes and I think it's an awesome skill.

4) Rylai's (Crystal Maiden's) ice prison thing, I haven't played her so I don't know the name of the spell but basically she can freeze an ally which "stuns" it but it doesn't take damage (kind of like the active on Zhonya's ring) or she can put it on an enemy and it will be frozen and take a small amount of damage over time.

5) Clockwork's skill where he traps an enemy with himself (Think it's called Power Cogs)

6) Terrorblade's (Soul Keeper) Ulti. He can swap life with an enemy, or rather hp percentage with a minimum of like 5% or something. For instance if he has 10% hp and the enemy has 90%, when he uses his skill the enemy has 10% hp and he has 90%. It's sort of like a massive lifesteal attack (as long as the enemy has more hp than you). Although I think it would be considered very OP in LoL so maybe not.

7) Chen's (Holy Knight) spell where he converts creeps would be fun but since there aren't that many neutral creeps in LoL it wouldn't be the same.

8) An alternative to number 6 is Huskar's (Sacred Warrior) ulti, at rank 3 he loses 30% of his hp and the target loses 80% their hp (I think).

9) All techies attacks would be fun, except maybe the suicide bombing, but the mines are very similar to Teemo's mushrooms so that could be a problem (or a perfect combo)

10) Lastly my all time favourite hero in DotA (even though I suck with him) is Invoker! It would be awesome to see a character in LoL with his spell(s?)

There are many more skills I would love to see in LoL but those are the "top 10" imo.
Thank you and I hope to see some of those in LoL soon