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Low elo questions

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I'm trying to improve on what I can do in my games and after reading guides I have noticed that there is a lot of information on champs and item builds, which is good, but I have some big picture questions that I can't seem to find anywhere.

1. If the laning phase is over and the enemy team is staying grouped up, what do you do if you playing a ranged ad carry and no one is initiating a fight? I have been in many situations were people will just not want to risk doing baron, dragon, or pushing even when they know where the enemy team is holding or pushing lanes. The same can be said if you are the tank and no one will follow you to initiate. I'm just clueless on what to do besides clear jungle.

2. Similar to the first question, what do you do if the other team has you pinned at your tower, but isn't strong enough to take it? It seems like to me the team with the better poking abilities usually wins out or both teams eventually have to back. Should I stay with the group or push a lane until I see the enemy leave? I would just like to know if this is a judgement call or a simple "no you always or almost always stay with the team."

3. In a lot of games I find my team roaming the map aimlessly (not focusing on objectives) when the enemy team is no where to be found. Should I stay with the group or farm? I guess what I'm asking is, is it better to have high farm or be there when a team fight breaks out, even if the team is at risk of being out of position?

I know these questions are subjective, but I'm just looking for some general guidance so I can improve. I can go into more detail if needed.


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1. Take the lead. Know your team comp. If you have a poke comp, go split push. If you have a real tank and AOE, go force team fight (at Baron or Dragon, it is better than forcing it at their towers). Try to catch ppl in jungle.

2. Get the tank to catch ppl off position. If you have no tank, you should send a backdoorer like Sivir, Teemo or Yi to backdoor.

3. Ward river and the buffs.Catch ppl off guard. Take all the neutral camps. Ping to direct ppl.