Let's talk counter picks

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I apologize if there is a good thread out there already, but I can't find it - most seem to get sidetracked, too focused, or too broad.

I am looking for what people think are obvious counter picks to currently popular champions, because I just don't know for sure. For example, I know that soraka is a good counter pick for katarina, but I don't play against many. At the same time, I can't really tell if me outlaning Ahri with Malzahar means that is always a good counter pick, or if I just had a good game... and if it was a good pick, why?

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I'm not very good at counter picking, but for example I know that Caitlyn (and lately Sivir) are good counter picks against Vayne, even Graves. It's that range. As for Ahri, anything what has silence is her counterpick, sort of, and stun. It's when you really have to watch your positioning. LeBlanc and Kassadin are classic mage killers, no matter what you do. But an ad (especially Caitlyn) will outlane an ap in mid. Teemo is a counter of ad tops, but Gangplank kinda owns anything anyway (he's a counter to Teemo, because he can eat an orange and cleanse himself).

To know what is a good counterpick against cetain champ, you have to play by that champ yourself. For example I noticed that Ahri is really weak against Kennen, because if he stuns you, you're dead.

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i believe scion would be a good counterpick for leblanc just be he has so much lane sustain.

i like getting soraka when karthus is taken because there ults counter act each other.

i believe ryze also beats leblanc pretty easy.