Champion Selection: Remove the rabble plz

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This thread is about making champion selection easier by being able to "hide" champions you rarely play.

For many of us Summoners, we have purchased a vast number of champions to bring onto the field. Because of this the current champion selection screen has become extremely cluttered. Worse yet is the fact that at higher levels of competitive or organized play we simply have champions we rarely, if ever, use anymore.

It would be a great quality of life Improvement to be able to toggle certain champions as "back-up" champions. Thus making them not appear on the champion selections screen unless we wanted them to be shown (Via a simple "show back-up champions" switch)

As more champions continue to come out, providing new experiences and more specific niche abilities, this issue will only grow. For me, personally, the best example is Leona. Ever since she came out, she replaced both Shen and Amumu as my go to tank. Her playstyle and abiliies just are just more enjoyable and more intuitive to me as a summoner. This begs the question, why can't I retired Shen and Amumu to a back-up status and clear up my selection screen? That way I don't have to scroll down, searching for a specific champion, while discussing strategy/counters in Ranked Draft or Normal Draft modes. All the champions I have become proficient at will be right in front of me.

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theres a topic similar to this, but to mark the campions u play the most, maybe we could unite these two topics. here is the topic: