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Urgot builds

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Minahoshi Asuho



Yeah, you don't really need Manamune.

But, if you want to, you can easily get 90+ mana at the start by buying an early Tear and spamming your skills.

Go defensive Urgot, with Boots / Brutalizer / Glacial Shroud, with stuff like mallet, atmas, odyn's veil, last whisper, or whatever I need situationally. I usually go Mercs or Tabi.

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I always start off with Tear of the Goddess and Boots. After that I upgrade the Tear to Manamune as soon as possible and start spamming those spells. Then I upgrade to either Mercury Treads(if you need Magic Res.) or Ionian Boots of Lucidity. After that the items I grab really depend on what champ I am facing and how much damage I am taking. Most often I start going towards a Last Whisper. But if I need defense I will start building a Glacial Shroud then Frozen Heart or grab a Negatron Cloak(again if you need Magic Res.). After that the items really depend on your enemy and their build.
This guide by Searz is a fantastic in-depth guide to Urgot. It has been archived but the information is still very useful.

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Senior Member


cd shoes
what ever else i need defensive or offensive, usually a gunblade