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5 Basic Rules to not feed.

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Crowbar Sr



Some simple guidance that I've learned whilst playing LoL.

1. NEVER go into the grass.
This mostly applies prior to minions spawning. Don't think to yourself "Hey, I got here pretty fast, I'm going to hide in the grass!". Most likely, the enemy is in there waiting for you! If most of the enemy team is MIA, they be hiding! In the most wise words of General Akbar, "It's a trap".

2. NEVER take risks.
Tower diving, team diving, diving if don't know how to swim. 7/10 cases, running after somebody on low health through their entire team will kill you. You don't want that now do you? Play conservatively, know the situation. Their ******ed Ezreal or Ashe may be on low health and hugging the tower. But as soon as you attempt to tower dive, BAM, Ashe stuns/slows you. Ezreal has Homing Shot away from you. But it's too late, and you're dead. If it's too good to be true, it MOST LIKELY is.

3. Prevent ganks before they can occur.
90 gold spent on a ward could save your life. Cherish the life of yourself and your teammates! Do the right thing. Place a ward in the most obvious gank spots, such as grass patches close to your lane. When you see a gank approaching, retreat. Another key component in preventing ganks in calling MIAs. MIA stand for Missing in Action, meaning that someone in their respective lane is missing. Play cautious, don't push too far. Know your escape route in the event something goes wrong. Running away from enemies through bushes is effective as they can't target you until they're in there themselves.

4. Predict the enemy.
A lot of players follow a simple algorithm or pattern. Learn to know the enemy champions abilities, and how to counter them. Look through each Champion's information, read the tips on how to counter them. A lot of players will try and use their abilities as soon as they're off cooldown. Take advantage of that. Blitzcrank will attempt to rocket glove as soon as he can. Stay behind minions, keep moving! Ashe just wasted her volley, harass her for a few seconds and then retreat again.

5. Simple logic.
Needs no real explanation. If the situation is too scary, don't hang around, turn around! Play for your team, but if you know you're going to die, don't risk it. Always plan an escape method, wherever you are. Communicate with your team, almost every team composition can work, you've just got to learn the strengths and weaknesses.

I am by no means a pro player, but I try my best to keep my gameplay at it's best. I'd suggest practice games for new champions...but yea...

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Senior Member


I don't feel comfortable around Chris Hansen...

Kidding aside, this is good enough information, but I feel that most of the people that read the forums are experienced players already and wouldn't benefit much from this.