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AP Cho or Tank Cho?

AP > Tank 16 39.02%
AP < Tank 8 19.51%
I want cake. 17 41.46%
Voters 41 .

AP Cho'Gath vs Tank Cho'Gath.

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Now, personally, I don't get why so many people play tank Cho'Gath.

I used to play tank Cho, because Cho is ****ing awesome.

But, comparing tank Cho to AP Cho...eh. Recently started AP Cho. I just..dunno.

One thing I noticed is how much easier tank Cho is.

Tank Cho is a heavy right-click tank. You don't need to land Rupture or Scream. It's only important when you're trying to interrupt something or NEED a slow. Also, your Spikes are nearly worthless when using tank. You can also spam Feast on tank Cho. Never need to save it.

As for AP Cho, you lose a lot of damage potential when you miss Rupture. As well as Scream, since you have to get pretty close. Also endangers yourself if you're not fairly tanky. You also have to judge on whether to use Feast on a minion for the stack, or save it for the extra burst you might need.

Now, with that said, if you build Cho with Mejai's + RoA (assuming you get some stacks as well), and build the rest of him to be tanky (GA + Frozen Heart and stuff), would AP Cho be better to use, or would tank Cho still be the way to go?

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Most of the tanks shouldn't get 5 tank items + boots , they become useless after their thrown cc. Only tank that i can think of with such build is shen. Because he is that TRUE tank , that forces champions to attack him.