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Suggestion to Reduce Complaining About Ranked Games

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I feel a lot of the complaining being produced by season one is a result of people being told that the are below average. For any ranking system to work, however, you will necessarily have half of the people be below average, so that cannot change.

My suggestion is to group everyone who is not at least one standard deviation above average into broad categories of skill.

For a normal distribution (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Standard_deviation_diagram.svg), and using generic metal rankings, this might go as follows:

Bottom 16 percent----------Bronze League

Middle 68 percent-----------Silver League

Top 16 percent---------------Gold League

For the gold league you could publicly report and rank the players according to specific elo numbers. You could even privately report elo numbers to everyone in all leagues as long as not everyone could see it.

I think this would make the game more enjoyable for most players, and reduce the stakes a little. You might say this defeats the purpose of ranked play, and i would actually agree, but you cannot bar average people from playing in the ranked system, and this might make it a more positive experience for them.

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sound goods...