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REQUEST - need help with a project

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so Ive taken on a small assignment from my friends to take skarner (one of our favorite champs) and Poké-tize it into the same artistic style as Pokemon. I would love to take this re-representation and use it to make a silk screen t-shirt for my friends who are both fans of the game and Pokemon. it wouldn't need to be too complicated (i.e. no background or anything like that). i haven't decided if he would look better as a "cute" Pokemon or a "ferocious" Pokemon. i think im leaning toward a cuter version. im pretty much looking for something that you can definitely tell is skarner but that could also legitimately be in the Pokemon animation for instance. the shirt wouldnt be too complicated either: just the picture of skarner and the words "Skarrrrner-Skar-Skar!" with maybe a pokeball to make it more obvious. is there anyone out in the community that would be willing to take on this small project? I would be more then happy to send a finished shirt to anyone that could help me design this! my own attempts have been pretty dismal to say the least... heck if it comes out well enough i would even consider making lots and selling them to you guys on the cheap : )