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Udyr versus Lee Sin 5 8.77%
Udyr versus the Wiles of Women 16 28.07%
The Formation of Pentakill (multi part story) 10 17.54%
Karthus' Lament 3 5.26%
Wukong and Ahri 14 24.56%
Mordekaiser's Choice 6 10.53%
Irelia and Zelos (a multi part story) 11 19.3%
A OC original story set in the LoL universe 9 15.79%
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Hoky, it's been a while, so here's the next story! Pentakill, part 1! And here is my new fanfiction url link, so if you want me to get a big ol' ego boost just head on over! I'll be posting it at the front page as well. The stories are organized and no longer scattered throughout the forum, so that's a plus! If you see any mistakes though, be sure to tell me on the forum or on a review!


The Formation of Pentakill, Part 1

The streets of Noxus were always deathly quiet in the night, the only people willing to be out at this time of night were the drunks, the louts, politicians and assassins. However, one sound could always be heard at the stroke of midnight, crawling from the Noxian slums. An unnaturally horrific dirge of death wafted through the streets. Those few who could hear it would fall to the ground, clasping their heads at the sound. Those few receptive to the sound could feel their primal urges unleash themselves, and succumbed to the noise. Others simply dragged themselves away in a futile attempt to ignore the music. However, for those who lived in the slums this music was a welcome sound: It meant their protector, their guardian, their executioner, still lived.

From the deepest recesses of the slums was a makeshift castle, created from old factories linked together by years of hard work producing a multi leveled fortress. The groans of both his servants and old pipes echoed in this mighty castle. A constant light was kept from the great furnace, always melting the new metals brought to their lord. The castle was in constant construction, it was not grand enough for its ruler, for this was the castle of the great King of Metal: Mordekaiser. Every morning he would travel outside his keep, seeking new subjects and new victims and every sunset he would return. One day, the unthinkable happened, the great king Mordekaiser became depressed.

His mighty frame towered over most mortals at eight feet in height, decorated in full metal armor he looked like a walking siege tank. With his seven foot mace in hand, he patrolled his kingdom. He looked at his subjects: flea ridden, scabby, disgusting beings of every race lay prostrate at his feet. Just how he liked it, one of the elder beggars came forth and babbled incoherently. Mordekaiser’s blood red eyes burned brightly, he could see the man’s life was nearly at an end. The perfect time to absorb, all their sickness, all their sadness, all their despair culminated in mere moments before they die, a worthy tribute. He reached down, grabbing the man’s skull: the blessing of their king.

His flesh melted away, and he collapsed to the ground. Moments later the skeleton of the man rose back up, ectoplasm encased the once old man. He looked at Mordekaiser with a smile, one quick movement of their king’s hand pointed the man to the castle. This man had now joined the Vanguard of their ruler. Yet Mordekaiser found no solace in the life energy he had just received, he felt…tired. Instead of finishing his patrol, the mighty metal man returned back to his castle.

Sitting on his throne, he grabbed a guitar that hung off the wall. It was the same size as his mighty mace and the same color as his ever burning eyes. With the smallest amount of effort, magic surged into the guitar. For once, he would play his dirge early. He strummed a few notes when he flew into a rage, throwing his mighty axe to the wall. Something was wrong, but he knew not what. Mordekaiser did not move from his throne for several days, his subjects became concerned with the state of their king but knew not what to do.

A week later Mordekaiser finally moved, he was still inexplicably depressed but still knew not why. With a snap of his fingers one of his Vanguard staggered forth, holding the guitar out for his liege. Mordekaiser reached down and picked it up, he was about to strum on it when he heard a peculiar noise…Weeping. Mordekaiser got to his feet, his guitar tightly gripped in his heavily armored hand. His subjects were weeping, and not because of him. He stormed out of his castle, he would find the cause of this.

Thundering through the streets his subjects lay prostrate, but not to him. Mordekaiser could hear the weeping becoming louder, but he was mistaken: For it was weeping, but not out of terror or sadness, but joy. Clenching his fist tightly, Mordekaiser made his way forward. He would face whoever dared intrude upon his kingdom like how he dealt with every other intruder. As he stormed through the streets, a new sound could be heard: That of music. It was soft, beautiful, gentle music that seemed to sunder even the thickest armor of Mordekaiser. He continued forth, attempting to find the source when he finally came upon a pavilion, full of his people.

They were all crying, grabbing at their faces, crying out praises to the player of this music. She strode forward and looked at Mordekaiser: Her sapphire hair, tinged with golden strands was matched by her royal blue dress which stretched to the ground. She had her instrument, the etwahl, laid out and ready to play. She silently gazed at Mordekaiser, who proceeded to laugh at her,

“So I see…the very Maven of Strings herself visits me in my humble abode…Do you wish for death so earnestly, Sona?”

Sona stared at Mordekaiser; a beatific smile crept on her face as she strummed at her instrument, causing the crowd to fall to their knees, begging for more. His people surrounded the two of them, there was no way for her to escape. Mordekaiser glared at her, his crimson eyes burning with anger,

“What do you want, Maven?”

Sona simply played another riff, the crowd moaned out a cheer, enraging Mordekaiser,

“Do you challenge me, runt?!”

Sona sighed, she picked at her instrument, and sent forth a complicated wave of sounds…they almost sounded like his riffs that he played every night at midnight. She was playing his dirge on her instrument. Mordekaiser knew that Sona had no ability to speak for herself and could only communicate with her exotic instrument, she was challenging him. She was challenging him, and he would not let such a fragile being usurp his one pleasure in life.

He ripped into his guitar, riffs flying everywhere as he played his typical grungy music, until she started to play. Her instrument easily overpowered his with its harmony and its beauty. His people still praised her and looked to her for her music. Mordekaiser became enraged, how dare someone come into his land and play music. Is this mere mortal able to sway his people, his minions so easily? Will this…human, take away the one pleasure he has in life?

Mordekaiser never felt such anger, such fury in his entire lifetime. His armour started to crack as he played more and more furiously, becoming ever angrier with the musical duel, all the while Sona was easily matching and overpowering his riffs. Mordekaiser finally had enough, he grabbed at his armor and started to tear it off in chunks. Huge pieces of metal and shrapnel flew everywhere as he erratically tore it off, “Dare you face the unrestrained might of a conqueror, Maven?!”

His triple barrel sized chest glistened in the sun, his abs reflected the little moisture that had gathered there. To everyone’s shock and surprise, the Master of Metal had flesh underneath all his armor. It was once said he wore his armor to protect others from him, not to protect him from others. This was proven true as the crowd started to gag and choke, boils erupting on their skin. His aura, his presence was that of pestilence itself, yet Sona was seemingly unaffected. Mordekaiser clenched his fist, electricity blitzing out of it as he slammed it into his guitar. The might, the fury, he was going to show her what being the king meant.

His hands tore into his axe once more, more complicated riffs shot forth as he shredded with inhuman speed and precision, yet Sona kept up. Her music would soothe the crowd’s wounds and afflictions while Mordekaiser’s would bring them to a literal boil, creating a strange medium. She could keep up with the speed the great and mighty Mordekaiser played at, but she always played an octave higher than him. Within moments she started matching his notes and following his play style, creating a harmonious tune. Mordekaiser’s shoulders shuddered at the new sound he heard: Cheering. His people were not cheering for him or for her, they were cheering for the both of them. Mordekaiser abruptly stopped, watching his people fall down and cry out in horror. He looked at Sona, who actually was smiling at him. Impudent wretch, she finds joy in this.

He ripped into his guitar once more, his fingers literally blazing with speed and emotion. Mordekaiser arched his back as he became lost in the music, all the while Sona’s etwahl softly cooed his ears. It really was a beautiful sound, a sound he had never heard in his life. He had heard Sona’s music before, he had faced her in combat and never cared much for the human. Summoners and other Champions seemed to fawn over her for some reason, but he could not care for such a small insect. She was soft, she was fragile, she was weak. She would die while he would live for centuries on, she was but a speck of dust to him. Yet something welled in his blackened heart.

They continued playing for six hours straight. The crowd did not disperse and grew in size the entire time they played for. Mordekaiser was lost in the music, actually changing his tempo and his play style to better suit Sona, the music they were creating was magnanimous. Then he heard the sound of liquid dripping. Drip, drop, drip, drop. He scanned the crowd, he looked to the skies, it was nearly sunset and not a cloud in the sky. He looked at his musical duelist, her delicate hands were stained with blood: drip, drop, drip, drop.

Unlike Mordekaiser, who was capable of superhuman feats, she was human. Her playing so quickly and aggressively the entire time on such elegant strings cut deep into her fingers, staining her instrument with her blood. That was when he noticed the red patches of crimson growing on her dress, her arms trickled blood. Little cuts were suddenly apparent in her dress, caused by the shrapnel of his armor’s removal. He had done this to the Maven. Sona faltered for a moment, gasping for air. She struggled to keep playing and keep standing, but soon collapsed. Her music abruptly stopped with a screech, and she lay still.

Mordekaiser dropped his mighty axe and made his way over to the fallen Maven. It was strange, he had to be delicate if he did not want to crush her thin frame. He softly pulled back her dress’ sleeve, revealing the growing black spots and boils. His armor had the same pestilent affliction he craved and fed upon, it was natural and it was meant as a deterrent to others. “Why did you do this Maven? Did you desire death so earnestly?”

Sona blinked her eyes, trying to stay awake. She tried getting up to no avail, she reached her hand out towards Mordekaiser, staring in his eyes. Her cool, sapphire eyes and his burning ruby eyes locked on one another. He gingerly grabbed her hand and helped her to her feet, she stumbled forward and placed one hand on his chest for support. Her hand started to twist and become blackened from the various plagues that coursed through his body, but she did not care. He helped her to her instrument, and she played a small hymn. He could hear her words, “I thought only I spoke with music, that I was alone in this world, that no one else could understand me.”

She breathed heavily, the pestilence and blood loss should have killed her but she played more, “Then I heard the rumors of a dirge, played in Noxus every night. I came to Noxus two weeks as a guest performer for High General Darkwill’s Ball yesterday evening. it was when I first arrived that I heard the song of your loneliness. I listened to it every night since, and it made me cry each time.”

The great and powerful Mordekaiser snorted at her, raising a reprimanding hand to silence her but she continued, “Everyone judges you on your appearance, on your supposed evil aura. But that is simply you, there is more to you than you know yourself. You require certain things to survive, does that make you evil? Should it make you evil? Your song, it makes me weep, and every time I heard it, it was always the same sadness that was played.”

She gasped, clutching her chest in pain. Mordekaiser’s usually loud and booming voice was little more than a low growl, “Then why come here? Why face your death?”

Sona turned to him, and gave him a beatific smile while playing her final notes, “Because…I play music for others because it makes them happy, it fills them with joy and emotion. But you, you always look so sad, and there was nothing anyone could do…When I heard your music…I felt a kindred…soul…and if these are to be…my final moments…then I am glad…at the very least…I made…you…smile…”

Sona collapsed forward, breaking the strings of her instrument, then fell backwards onto the ground. The crimson started to pool around her slowly, Mordekaiser stared dumbfounded at the fallen Maven. Then for the first time in all of his life he heard a truly disturbing noise: True despair.

Not the despair he cultivated, not the usual despair he enjoyed partaking in but a different one. The crowd of thousands moaned in unison, tears falling as they looked to the sky, asking why the gods are so cruel. Mordekaiser snorted, looking all around. Weak, pitiful beings, these were his subjects? He looked back down and drew back in shock, a thin smile curled around Sona’s lips. His pestilence plagued her body, and if that did not kill her then her bleeding would, but she was smiling. Mordekaiser stared at her instrument, and grabbed her bloodied and broken strings. Rubbing them between his fingers he made a decision.

Raising his hand to the skies, dark magic coursed from it, its tendrils racing all about him. Clenching his hand into a fist made the magic centralize and encapsulate it, dark clouds gathered in the sky. Thunder boomed, lightning cracked and crashed down towards the living lightning rod that is Mordekaiser. Instead of coursing through his body, it simply circled his fist so quickly and rapidly it created ball lightning. With this done, Mordekaiser fired his fist downwards, tapping Sona chest delicately. Instantly her body was covered in a black film, crackling with lightning. While this process was happening, Mordekaiser went about the pavilion, gathering the largest chunks of his armor.

Laying them on the ground he simply flattened each piece out with his brute strength. Once they were flat enough he stretched the broken pieces of string out, save for one. He wrapped her bloodied string around his forearm, and neatly sliced into it. No human has ever seen the King bleed, but he bled red. He laid the freshly bloodied string on the metal armor, and with a quick hand movement more magic surged out. It started to assemble itself into a strange contraption. He turned his attention back to where Sona lay, his thunderous steps taking him next to her. He grabbed at the film that covered her, and tore it away, revealing a perfectly normal and perfectly healed Sona. She gasped out, hastily sitting upright as she breathed easily once more. She looked at the King, completely and utterly shocked.

He removed his gauntlet, placing it on the ground next to him, and softly touched the blood that still wetted her hands. His index finger was now reddened, and he ran it through her hair. In a mere instant her sapphire and golden hair washed away with a new crimson color. Mordekaiser pointed to her, “Your soul now bears the mark of the great lord and king of metal. No harm shall come to you in my realm.”

He helped her to her feet, his bare hand making contact with hers, the first contact of skin he had ever made in his life. At least the first contact he made that did not result in nearly immediate death. He led her over to the now assembled instrument: It was a strange, twisted version of her etwahl. Her once broken strings laid out neatly across it, the front of the instrument seemed to form wings from the base of a large, metallic raven skull. He led one of her hands to it, and plucked a string alongside her. The sound it made was chilling to the core. Sona played another note, then another note; she smiled and looked at Mordekaiser. She quickly rappelled her fingers across the strings, “This is for me?”

Mordekaiser nodded, and lifted a few strands of her hair, “Concentrate on the color you wish.”

Sona cocked her head at him, he simply nodded back. She closed her eyes and thought of her original hair color, she opened her eyes and saw it changed back to it. She gasped in surprise, and then looked down at her dainty hand being held by his large, muscled and heavily scarred grasp. She looked back at him, slightly worried. The entire crowd cringed at the next sound: Mordekaiser chuckled. “You are no longer affected by my presence, Maven. I do not intend to lose another musician so quickly.”

Sona smiled as she played a few more notes with her free hands, “Then I should present a gift to you, Mordekaiser.”

She reached around his waist and drew herself close, hugging him. What an alien concept to the King of Metal. He simply rested one hand on her shoulder when she broke the embrace, her hair shifting into its startling crimson as she tore more notes out from her new instrument, “Are you ready to rock, King of Metal?”

“Hmph…” Mordekaiser picked his guiter up, his body exuding dark energy, “You need not axe.”

The dirge that night was different from other nights. Strangely enough, this music seemed to intoxicate the entire city. The entire city started screaming and thrashing about, as if the music had possessed them. They moshed and head banged, they yelled and hollered until the sun rose. The entire city state of Noxia was pushed to its brink of fatigue, but they were all satisfied with what had occurred done that day. And to this day, this very event is still celebrated in Noxus. This day became a celebrated holiday known as the “Day of Pentakill.”

Let the Heavens weep, let the people mourn the loss of their innocence, let Hell itself clamour in envy of the greatest band ever created: All hail Pentakill.

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Hey guys, when I have the time, I'll post the full short story in the forum, but for now here's a link to the first section of the Irelia and Zelos story! Woo woo!


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I just read the prologue and I already hate you.

This story better not make me more sad today. >: (

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Gooood, gooood...let the hate flooooow.

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For y'all who don't want to go to

Here it is!


A woman's screams ripped the once still air, her screams of agony was palpable. A man's worried voice tried to raise itself over her shouts, "Just a bit more, you're doing fine, just-"

"AAAAAH Whyyyy? AaaaAAAAH!" The man could barely hold her down as she attempted to thrash about.

A doctor's voice spoke up, "It's not coming out, if we pull then it's going to kill both your wife and your child sir! We can perform a caesarian section, but with your wife's condition it most likely will kill her! What do you want us to do?"

The woman grabbed the doctor, "You better cut me open! I will freaking kill you if you don't! I'm not losing her!"

"But you may-" She barked at him, "I don't care, cut me! Cut me now!"

Her husband nodded silently, the doctor went about his work. A few minutes later a baby was retrieved from the gore, she was silent. The new father held her tenderly, giving her the lightest of spanks on her bottom, the baby woke up with a high pitched squeal. He looked at his wife, "Do you hear that? She's alive. Our little girl is alive…Dear? Can you hear me?"

"N…name her…p-please…" His wife begged him, the doctor called in for nurses and healers into the room. She begged him once more, "N-name…her…"

Her husband looked at their daughter, leaned over and whispered the name. His wife smiled, tears running down her face.

Outside, a little boy impatiently walked around, kicking his heels outside the doctor's house. A divinely beautiful woman with long flowing hair and fair skin watched him, "Careful Zelos, you do not want to hurt yourself before your parents come out."

"I'll be fine, watch this! Ha-cha!" Young Zelos leapt and tumbled forward, the only marks apparent was the dust scuffs on his clothing. She slowly walked over and dusted him off, "What did I just say, Zelos?"

He pouted his lower lip, "Sorry Soka." She smiled and pressed his nose lightly, "So-ra-ka, do not forget your syllables."

"Soka!" He smiled cheekily at her, she tittered at him and pressed his nose once more. The door creaked open, Soraka turned her attention to the sound and saw the downcast face of the man holding a bundle in his arms. He forced a grin as Zelos shot forward, smiling brilliantly, "Is this him? Is this my brother?"

"No…It is your sister." He knelt down, tears freely running despite his smile, "Say hello to Irelia…"

Zelos stared curiously at the small creature before him, she smiled and held her hands out to him. He stretched out one of his fingers which she happily grabbed, he laughed. "She's awesome! Look at that! Mom's gotta see this!"

His father bowed his head, tears still flowing. Soraka walked over and placed a gentle hand on his quaking shoulder. Zelos cocked his head, completely confused, "Dad? Where's mom?"

Part 1

The smiling baby dissipated into a cold, hard glare.

Irelia was now much older, her long dark hair fell messily about. She had just woken up, shaking her head of sleep. She took a peek at the morning dawn peering into her room. Her eyes had a certain lifelessness about them, she rubbed her eyes wearily. She rose out of her rock hard bed and made her way to the washroom, her decency barely covered by a pair of loose shorts and shirt. Splashing cold water on her face quickly and abruptly woke her up. Her eyes sprung to life momentarily as she splashed more water. She bowed her head over the sink for a few moments, counting the droplets that fell. She took a frigid shower shortly afterwards.

A gentle rapping came at her door, a soft, feminine voice could be heard, "Irelia? Are you awake?"

Irelia let her hair fall to one side, drying it as best as she could. A large towel was wrapped around her body, she called out to the voice, "Come in, Soraka."

The door clicked and opened, a blue skinned woman made her way into the room. She carefully evaded the door frame to prevent the collision of the frame with the horn protruding from her forehead. Silver hair cascaded in a single braid all the way down her back, the sound of hoofs clicked as she made her way into the room. She smiled at Irelia, "You look ridiculous."

Irelia glanced at her long hair, still wet. She stood up from her bed, trying to sound professional, "What is today's schedule, Soraka?"

Soraka made her way closer to Irelia, gingerly touching her wet hair. Irelia drew away, sighing heavily, "Soraka, the schedule."

Soraka frowned, making Irelia shiver. She turned to face her friend, "I am sorry, I'm not a morning person…" Irelia tried forcing a laugh, it failed miserably.

A sigh was all that escaped her friend, she grabbed a nearby brush and started working on Irelia's hair. They sat in silence for several minutes, the sound of the brush meticulously going through Irelia's hair was the only noise emitted. Soraka grabbed the towel Irelia had been attempting to dry her hair with, and properly dried it. She went back to brushing it as Irelia started musing aloud, "Has the League said anything about Master Lee's protest?"

"No Irelia, nothing yet." Soraka shook her head, "It has already been a few weeks…perhaps…"

Every muscle in Irelia's body tensed, her tone became cold, "No. He said he will stay until the League bends to our people's voice or until he breaks. He will burn for as long as he wishes, I will not convince him otherwise."

"Irelia…" Soraka's pleading voice did not move her. Irelia stood up, her dried hair trailed away from Soraka's hands. Her voice became firm and commanding, "Find Karma, we have business to attend to."

Soraka was about to speak up, but drew back. She could see how downcast Irelia was, she simply nodded and left the room in silence. Irelia clenched her hands tightly, bowing her head as she stared in the mirror. One deft punch shattered it, she breathed heavily as she looked at the shards, her voice almost cracking, "Who was that just now? Who spoke to her in such a manner?"

Irelia breathed in slowly, and started to look around for an object. Her sword hovered close to her, almost whining. She softly stroked the blade, a memory of her father lifting her in front of the blade flashed through her mind. She giggled as she touched the warm metal. Irelia softly muttered to her blade, "I know what you wish, but that's not me. I am not her anymore."

Irelia looked around, scrunching her brow. She guided her hand carefully along, her sword interrupted her thoughts. She turned and saw it point to her night table, she carefully kneeled down and found what she was sought, a little brown pouch. She grabbed it and placed it on her desk, making note of where it was. She turned to her closet and grabbed a pair of thin silk pants with a cloth belt, shorts, and several bandages. She neatly wrapped her breasts, slipped the shorts on followed by the silk pants and the cloth belt. She reached over to the desk and tightly tied the bag to the belt. She grabbed a pair of white tabi and as she guided them on her feet, the glint of crimson caught her eye.

Her armor, the ceremonial armor of the Captain of the Guard and the Mantle of Decorum rested on a female mannequin. Irelia walked over, and with a mere thought the metal plates slid off the doll and sailed towards her with ease. They guided themselves onto her torso, the latches unhooking and latching themselves for her as she pushed her arms into the metal chest piece and out of the cloth that made up her arms and sleeves. Her breastplate settled itself comfortably as her pauldron clicked into place. She rested on her bed as the metal plates from her greaves and leg plates slid themselves onto her legs and feet. She closed her eyes, her own chi emanated from her so powerfully that her hair was given continual lift. The Mantle floated behind her and rested only a foot and a half away from the base of her skull. She was now Captain Irelia Lito, captain of the guards, the Will of the Blades, the savior of the Ionian people.

She made her way towards her door, a mere thought clicked her door handle open and swung it open. With a quick pat to her fauld she could feel the softest impression the bag made, reassuring her. She had to attend to her duties now.

"Zelos! I don't think we should do this!" A young Irelia huffed, she was out of breath and she was being dragged by her hand. Her attempts to escape amounted to nothing as her brother smiled wickedly at her, "What else do you want to do today? Read some more?"

Irelia frowned and stuck her tongue out at him, "Father says we have training to do, we need to-"

Zelos interrupted her with a bout of laughter, he still dragged the struggling Irelia, "We've trained every day for the past month! We trained during dinner this past week! We both got our duties, but I want a break, and you need one too!"

"B-b-but we'll get in trouble!" Irelia became fearful, turning almost white. Zelos stopped, turned around and grabbed her shoulders, smiling at her still, "Irie, think about it for a moment. Father hasn't figured out we left yet otherwise he would've found us, right?"

Irelia nodded nervously, he continued, "And did you want to come?" She shook her head, he continued, "Are you going to come despite your protests?" She stopped for a moment, and nodded slowly. Zelos drew her in close, hugging her, "Then it's my fault. If and when dad catches us, just blame me. I can take it, don't worry. I'll always be there for you, remember your bi' bo Zelly?"

Irelia frowned at him, "I'm not two years old Zelos, I'm not a child anymore!" She emphasized this with an incredulous stomp of her foot. Zelos tussled her hair, "Don't be in such a rush Irie! We got plenty of time for the boring stuff!"

Irelia glared at Zelos angrily, "Don't touch my hair!" Zelos leaned in, a cocky grin plastered on his face as he mussed it up more, "Or else what?"

Zelos took off at high speed, laughing as Irelia chased after him. Zelos saw a sudden drop in elevation, meaning they were close to their destination. Zelos ran towards the ledge and leapt off of it, diving into the water several meters below them. Irelia stopped dead at the ledge, carefully looking down. She winced at the height, Zelos broke the surface of the water, still laughing, "Come on Irie! The water's fine!"

Irelia stepped back for a moment, her breath and heart quickened. She was wearing her training gi, father hated it when they messed it up, and that was a long drop. Zelos called out to her, "Come on Irie! I'm already going to be in trouble, so might as well jump in! I did it, so you can do it too! It's no problem! Trust me!"

Taking a deep breath, she ran forward and leapt off the edge, shutting her eyes tightly and screaming the entire drop down. She cannonballed into water, a small eruption of water marking where she fell. Zelos laughed as he treaded the water. A few seconds passed, Irelia did not come back up. "Irie? Joke's over, come on up."

Silence fell for several more seconds, Zelos looked frantically around, craggy rocks peeked from the waters at the base of the ledge. Zelos became franctic, "Irelia? Irelia?" Zelos swam over, completely panicked. He felt his feet touch the slick and slimy rocks, he thrashed his hands about, "Irelia? Where are you Irelia?"

The sound of water cascading perked his ears as Irelia leapt up behind him, throwing him into the deeper parts of the water. She pointed and laughed at him, "That's for messing up my hair!"

Zelos made his way towards her, drawing her in close. He shook violently for a moment; Irelia was slightly confused, "What's wrong Zelly? It's just a joke."

"Irelia…Don't…" He breathed in, "Don't ever do that again. Please." She looked at him, he looked completely devastated. She had never seen him like that before. She cocked her head at him, "Zelly? It's alright, it was just a joke. It was funny."

Zelos looked at her, forcing a smile, "Yeah, real funny…"

They stayed like that for a few more moments until Zelos flung her into the deeper end of the water. She came up, sputtering water, "H-hey!"

Zelos laughed, "It was real funny Irie! But you still can't catch what you can't see!" He dove headfirst into the water, Irelia giggled as she swam after him.

A couple of hours later, the two siblings rested on the beach. Irelia was wringing her long hair of water while Zelos skipped rocks into the lake. He gave her a cheeky glance, "See? Didn't I tell you this was better than training all day again?"

Irelia made a face at him, "I guess so…"

Zelos made his way over, prodding her incessantly, "Come on, admit it. Come on! Cooooome oooon! You can do it! Just admit it!"

She turned away from him with a condescending snort. He smiled as he inched over and started tickling her, she started laughing as he interrogated her, "Come on! Admit it! Come on!"

Irelia spoke in between laughs, "N-never! Hah hah! I-I-I will never adm-mit! Hee hee! Defeat! Hah!"

Zelos increased the intensity of the tickling when Irelia broke away, sticking her tongue out at him once more. "Hah hah hah! T-told you so! Hah hah…" She breathed in a gulp of air, catching her breath, "You were right Zelly, this was better."

Her brother stuck his chest out triumphantly, "I'm never wrong." His demeanor suddenly turned more serious, "We should head back now, dad's going to be fuming at me by this point. Come on, Irie."

He stuck his hand out, Irelia was about to grab it when she saw something catch the corner of her eye. She drew back and stared in amazement, a blossom drifted towards her. She grabbed it excitedly, her eyes danced with life as she stammered in excitement, "Th-this is…!"

She looked at Zelos, she clasped her hands together as she begged him, "Zelos, we gotta find where this came from!"

He groaned, "Irie, we can't, we don't have the time-"

"But look!" Irelia presented him the little blossom, Zelos grabbed it carefully.

His eyes widened as he recognized the scent, he looked at her, "It can't be…Irie, the time, we can't possibly-"

"We have to!" Irelia responded stubbornly, "We gotta find it! They're not supposed to be here! We can take some back to father and you won't get in trouble, and we can give these to mother!"

Zelos thought hard and carefully, and sighed in defeat. "Fine, let's go."

Irelia clapped her hands excitedly together, she pointed at the direction the blossom flew in from, "I saw it come from this direction! Come on!"

"Again?" Irelia slammed her hands on the table, her swords jabbing the marble floor. A woman wearing a black and white kimono gave her the smallest of glares to calm her down, it succeeded. The woman fanned herself with her fans in hand, "Please finish what you were saying, Councilman."

A robed man bowed his head, "Thank you Lady Karma. As I was saying, the League still does not wish to make a move, the Noxians did win fairly."

Karma nodded, "We are aware, but you cannot ignore the plight of our people. You have heard their cries."

The robed man shrugged his shoulders, "Those cries could be because of the political upheaval in those territories still happening. The riots have not helped, and you must keep in mind it has been seven years. There is a new minority, the Noxian Ionians. It has complicated matters, until the fifteen years are up we cannot bend to the will of a single man burning himself. The change is so drastic, it is so sudden, it sounds almost insane to want such a change so quickly."

Karma looked at Irelia, who was literally quaking with anger. Karma patted her friend's shoulder in an attempt to calm her down, it succeeded. Karma continued, "Surely there must be a compromise, yes?"

"You lost, they won." He stated bluntly, "Would you find it sensible of us to grant them permission to wage war on you once more?"

Karma brightened into a smile, "Dearest Councilman, I do believe my comrade and friend can offer a counter argument." She faced Irelia, the smile did not peter, "Captain? If you will, please."

Irelia stood up, and marched her way towards the man. He stared bemused as she advanced, "Using threats of violence against a Summoner? I thought you were more civilized…than…" He watched her march past him.

She grabbed the windows and threw them open, she looked outside and motioned for the man to come over. He hobbled to the window and saw thousands upon thousands of Ionians who had flooded the courtyard, all surrounding the man still alit in the middle pf the crowd. Irelia called out to them, "Ionians!"

The windows vibrated from the sound that boomed forth, cries of approval made the man stagger back. Irelia threw him a vicious smile before continuing, "My fellow Ionian, he believes we have no plight! The League thinks we will stand down and we will let the unrighteous actions forced upon us lie! Will you?"

The crowd roared once more, Irelia turned and faced the man, "So Councillor, tell them you refuse their demand." The chanting simply increased in volume as he stared out at the crowd.

He smirked, casting a glance at Irelia, "And what does this mean? My point is still valid, if you threaten to do anything then the same fate will fall upon Ionia."

Irelia's cocky smile did not dissipate. She turned and bowed to Karma, "Duchess? The news, if you will please."

Karma gracefully stood up from the chair and made her way to the robed man, holding a piece of paper out. She handed it to him, "As we speak, the Exemplar of Demacia is giving a speech on how he and Demacia supports our want for a rematch. He threatens dire consequences to the League, this is the declaration of our alliance and their willing to move to action if need by, as signed by his father, the good King." Karma pointed out the window, "They were so moved by Irelia's speeches and Lee Sin's protest they have risked their good relationship with the League. We know the Council will not stand for such an affront, yes?"

The robed man fell quiet, and finally bowed his head, "Why did you not simply tell me thus from the beginning? It would have saved a lot of time and trouble."

Karma folded her hands neatly on top of one another, "That was my idea. I wished to speak to you on equal grounds, to see if reason and honor could persuade you." She became a little downcast, "Alas. It still brings the point home, I believe, so not a complete loss."

She shuffled over to the door, opening to slowly, "We await your decision, Councilman. Please tell the League all that you have seen and heard. The papers I gave to you have our terms, and if you choose to ignore them then you will not only have to contend with a frenzied Ionia, but the League will have to face a possible war of Demacia and Ionia against Noxus. That is something none of us wish for, but we are forced into such a position. Have a pleasant day."

The man briskly walked out of the room, Irelia spun and faced the crowd once more, "Ionians! You have done well! They have heard your voice!"

The cheers shot up and basked Irelia, she raised a fist over them, "We will reclaim what belongs to us! We will not lie down, we will not surrender, we will show them that Ionia is stronger than they are! We defeated the Noxians once, we shall do it again!" She basked in their cheers once more, she could see the fire from the corner of her eye. She drew back from the window and made her way to Karma. She smiled at Irelia, "That meeting went well."

Irelia frowned, "It only took three hours of conversation and term making." She pushed past Karma, startling her.

She attempted to call out to Irelia, "Ah...Irelia?"

Irelia stopped and glanced at Karma, her eyes heavy, "Yes? Is there anything else that is required of me, Duchess?"

"Well…" Karma stepped towards Irelia, taking her hand in to her own delicate hand, "Captain Irelia, we have been working very hard. Perhaps we can take some time to relax? Perhaps some t-"

Irelia drew her hand back and marched away, "I do not have time. I have training to attend to. I cannot miss a session." Irelia made her way out the door, her swords shoving them open.

Two lines of guards standing at attention saluted Irelia all at once, "Hail Captain Lito!" She acknowledged them and walked past them. She had her duty; she had to sit and wait for an answer, in the meantime she would prepare herself.

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Part 2

Irelia leaned over a desk, her small hands were blistered and callouses were just forming on her palm. It was a few days since the lake, she fumbled with a knife while holding a small piece of wood in place. She neatly sliced her palm open as she dragged the knife clumsily across. She frowned, the blood poured down her hand. She did not want it to stain the table, she looked around and grabbed cloth and hastily wrapped it around her hand. Her father's voice rang out, "Irelia! Zelos! Come outside!"

Irelia tucked her injured hand into her sleeve awkwardly; she did not want anyone questioning why she hurt her hand. She ran outside, she knew better than to make her father wait. Zelos was already outside, he whistled in surprise, "This is today's training, dad?"

Their father smirked at Zelos, "Am I that predictable?" He shook his head, "No, today is a day of relaxation. I can't push you and Irelia so hard when you are still recovering from what happened a few days ago…"

He turned his attention to the wagon approaching them, "Besides, here is someone that you may remember, Zelos."

He cocked his head and widened his grin, he tugged his father's sleeve, "Really? Is it who I think it is?"

He nodded, and looked at Irelia with a soft smile, "I asked an old friend to visit us, you still wish to be the successor, yes?"

Irelia violently nodded. His smile shook for a moment, "Then you will need a proper weapon to train with."

"I already know what weapon I want to use." Irelia pouted, "I want to use your sword, father."

He chuckled, his giant blade was strapped to his back. It was a strange weapon, it looked like it could subdivide itself into four separate blade yet made one continual unit. The metal of the blade looked like the ripples of the sea flowing seemingly endlessly. It had no physical handle, and a giant hole in the middle strangely acted like its missing handle, The blade unhooked itself out of its harness and split apart, creating the wingspan of a butterfly as energy surged in the center of the four blades. Her father ruffled her hair, "Maybe one day, when you understand the riddle of steel." It was then she heard a whisper from the blade, it sounded like the blade said, "Not yet."

Irelia continued her pout, she touched the blade with her uninjured hand, it had such a warm touch to it. The sound of horses neighing broke her attention, he strode forth, "I am glad you could make it on such short notice."

The man driving the wagon and the horses leapt out, stretching his back, "How can I ignore call of Master Lito?" He approached Lito and punched him jokingly in the shoulder, "So! Want to take a look at the wares?"

Lito looked over his shoulder, "Where are your wife and daughter?"

The man scratched his chin, confused, "They're not here? My word." He looked behind him, than back at Lito, "Guess ghosts got them."

Zelos chuckled, he ran forward and hugged his leg, "Uncle! How are you doing?"

He laughed a jolly laugh, "Not bad, little one."

Taking a quick look at Irelia, a smile perked. "So, little Irelia wants a sword? I never thought I'd see the day, I remember you when you were just a little babe."

Irelia cocked her head at him, "I…I don't know you, mister…"

He was about to introduce himself when he heard his wagon rustle. He spun around and headed behind the wagon, the sound of metal clanking was heard, then some shuffling. Lito turned to Irelia, "You will go over there and pick your first blade. These are family friends of ours, so do not worry, they are all top quality blades. Much of my collection has come from him. Take your time and make a wise choice."

A little girl with short, obsidian hair walked out from behind. She had streaks of red in her hair, she smiled and waved at Irelia and Zelos. He chuckled, grabbing Irelia and pulled her alongside him. The girl bowed, to them, "Hello, my name is Karma."

Zelos' smile widened, "I'm Zelos, you probably don't remember me, and this is Irelia. You don't know her." He pushed his sister forward, she made a quick bow to her when the sound of more metal clanging was heard.

"Dear! Be careful with those!" A woman's irritated voice rang out. The man's voice retorted back, "Relax, it's not like I haven't stabbed myself with these before."

The woman exasperatedly replied, "That's not the point!" He laughed at her, "Kind of is, if you think about it."

Karma looked at Irelia and reached for her injured hand. Irelia drew back instinctively, Zelos was about to say something when something shiny caught his attention. He walked over to the growing pile of swords being laid out, leaving the two girls be. Karma gently touched Irelia's hand, the pain she was feeling ebbed away. Irelia gasped in surprise, she let her hand be drawn out from the sleeve. Karma frowned at the poorly done bandages then promptly unwrapped and rewrapped them snugly. "You need to learn how to take care of yourself better," Karma smiled at her. Irelia simply looked at her in complete disbelief, "How did you know?"

Karma's smile did not dissipate, "You were hiding your hand in your sleeve, I could faintly smell the blood and you were wincing every time you moved your hand. How could I not know?"

Irelia frowned, the girl was smart, maybe smarter than her. Before she could question any further she was called around by Zelos, "Irelia! The swords are set up! Come on!"

Irelia walked behind the wagon and was greeted by a plethora of weaponry. They varied in size and shapes, they came from both Ionia and faraway lands. They each whispered to her various things, "Kill…" "Slice…" "Destroy…" "Stab…Stab…" "Blood…need…" Only one blade caught her attention, it was barely longer than her hand, but it looked sharp. She looked at it, "Art…create…" The man shook his head, "That's a wood carving knife, very nice looking but useless for training. Your dad wants you to pick a weapon if you want to be successor." Karma saw the utter disappointment in Irelia's eyes as she walked away from the knife.

An hour later they were still cycling through swords, "This is a falchion, it's a little heavy for you but-" Irelia shook her head. The whispers she heard were a bit unsettling, so many of these weapons cried for blood. The man sighed, "I don't have a sword that's like your father's, I'm sorry. His is one of a kind."

Irelia pouted, she wanted her father's blade and nothing else. Karma tugged Irelia's sleeve, gaining her attention, "May I make a suggestion?" Irelia nodded, still frowning. Karma leaned over and found a sheathed dagger, its blade about one foot in length. Karma carefully picked it up and unsheathed it. Irelia gasped, it had the most enchanting pattern on it, it looked like the ripples of the sea flowing seemingly endlessly.

The whisper she heard from this blade made her smile even wider, "Give…purpose…why…" Karma sheathed it once more, "The pattern is called Damascus, meaning water. These are hard to find." She looked at the man with a smile, "Even father did not know we had one."

He sheepishly rubbed his neck, "I need to take better inventory, eh?"

Irelia's hands slowly reached out for it, and took the dagger in her hands. Zelos whistled, "Wow, that's really fancy Irie."Irelia looked at Karma, shocked, "How did you know?"

Karma smiled cheekily, "You love your father, yes?"

Irelia nodded, Karma pointed at her father standing stock still, save for his sword which swirled around him. "I can see a similar pattern on his sword and I remembered seeing it on this knife."

Irelia lurched forward and hugged Karma, "Thank you!" Karma patted her back, "It is alright."

Karma looked at her father, "She has chosen. Do not forget to talk to her father about payment."

He nodded and leaned down to pack the weaponry up. Irelia blurted out, "Wait! Don't go yet!"

She turned on her heels and ran towards her father at high speed. Karma's father chuckled, "I'm just packing, I'm not leaving yet."

Irelia screeched to a halt in front of Lito, presenting him with the dagger, "This is the one I want, father!"

He grabbed it, hefted it about for a bit, and then unsheathed the blade. He smirked as he sheathed it once more, "A very good choice, little Irelia. It will serve you well for training."

Irelia took the dagger back and clasped it on the rope belt wrapped around her waist. She excitedly spoke, "Can Karma and her family stay for lunch? I want to thank her, she showed me the dagger!"

Lito chuckled, patting her head softly, "They will be staying for lunch and for dinner. Do you like Karma?"

Irelia nodded her head and shrugged her shoulders at the same time, "She's a bit of a know it all but she's nice!"

Lito's chuckle did not diminish, "She is a very smart child. Smarter than many men I know. Take her words wisely."

Irelia nodded and raced back to the wagon, she grabbed Karma excitedly, "You're staying for lunch! Come on, I'll show you around the farm!"

Zelos interjected the two of them by standing behind Irelia, "Hey, what about-"

Karma interrupted him, "I think father would appreciate if you were to help him, perhaps even let you test swing the swords." He instantly brightened and let the two girls be.

Irelia dragged Karma off, poor Karma could barely keep up with the pace Irelia was pulling her at. Lito watched from a distance, Irelia laughing and giggling while Karma already became red faced from running, despite the short distance. He smiled, than he coughed a single violent cough. A quick spit revealed the crimson speckles.

Irelia ran through the fields, pointing at a patch of earth, "This is what I planted!" She kneeled down and grabbed several strawberries, holding some to Karma, "Have some! They're good!"

Karma smiled and took the handful she was offered. She munched away on the berries as Irelia grabbed a handful for herself. As they greedily ate their bounty, Karma spoke up, "I believe you also wanted this." She held out the wood carving knife Irelia had been spying.

Irelia looked around, panicked, "I'm only allowed one weapon, I can't-"

"It is not a weapon." Karma corrected her, "It is a tool. I already asked my father, it is alright. Take it."

Irelia took it in her hands, she looked at Karma completely bewildered. "How do you know so much? We just met."

Karma giggled, "I am a bit smart for my age. Don't worry, I can teach you to be perceptive like me."

Irelia nodded as a mischievous grin spread across her face, "You may be pear-cept-if but I can run faster than you."

"What does that ever mean?" Karma was confused, Irelia giggled as she stood up and ran into the fields, "Last person to the apple tree is a…a…an apple head!"

Karma gawked at her, then laughed, "An apple head? How mature!" Irelia looked back and smiled at her, "I'm only six! We got all the time in the world to be mature! Now come on, apple head!"

Karma frowned for a brief moment, got to her feet, and ran after Irelia. They shrieked playfully as they ran after one another, playing whatever games children played.

Irelia rounded a corner and promptly crashed into a youthful Ionian guard, he crashed to the floor. Irelia quickly helped him up as he stuttered, "C-Captain! I'm sorry I-" She blitzed past him as her pace quickened. The guard looked down and saw a pouch on the marble floor, he picked it up and attempted to call out to Irelia to no avail. He opened it and saw small piece of splintered wood.

Irelia's feet screeched down a corner as she rounded another turn, she nearly bowled Soraka over. Soraka looked at her, slightly panicked, "Irelia? What is wrong? Did-"

"The League has agreed, we need to see Lee! Now!" Irelia grabbed Soraka's arm and dragged her along.

Ionians still surrounded the burning pyre of a man as he sat calmly and peacefully. Irelia's voice boomed out, "Move!" Her swords shot forward, helping part the crowd carefully as she raced to him. She glanced around excitedly, "Master Lee! Master Lee! The League has agreed! Someone, extinguish the flames! Get him out of there! Someone, bring water!"

Hands shot out, handing her various towels and glasses of water. She grabbed one of each, but by the time she brought her attention back to the man the fires died down. Irelia gave the towel to Soraka as she held the water out to him. Soraka dusted the ash off of Lee, her jaw dropped, "By the heavens…all this ash but not one burn…how?"

Irelia spoke excitedly "Master Lee, your demonstration worked! We are to face the Noxians once more, justice can be rendered! You gave us another chance! Listen to them Lee, look at their faces! You did all of this!"

Lee kept his head bowed, despite his smiling face. Irelia shook his shoulders gently and spoke up once more, "Master Lee? Why do you not look?"

Lee flicked his head, his eyes in full view, his eyelids flickering. His eyes were completely and utterly white, making Irelia gasp out, "Y-Your eyes! Soraka, is there anything you can do?"

Lee stopped Soraka's hand. He smiled at Irelia, "What is wrong? Is there something on my face?"

Irelia became downcast, "Lee…your eyes…"

Lee shook his head, "Do not worry Irelia, what you see I can see. What I can see, you cannot. Your spirit shines brightly Irelia; do not let it dim because of me."

Irelia was silent for a few moments, Lee clapped her shoulder, "I believe it is time you told Ionia the good news?"

Irelia nodded and glanced at Soraka, holding her hand out. Her friend handed her a small blue crystal, Irelia turned to face the crowd. Clutching the crystal tightly her voice boomed, "Ionians…we have been granted a chance!"

A roar of approval blasted the three of them, Irelia fought to keep the tears back. She was their symbol, she had to show her strength. People clamored to her, "Captain! Captain! All hail the Captain! All hail Lee!"

Irelia felt Lee grasp her shoulders as he proudly smiled, Soraka slipped her hand into Irelia's. Irelia wanted to smile, they did it. Then one of the crowd members stepped forward, an old and decrepit man spoke up, "Will you fight for us, Captain?"

She looked at the fragile man, she drew herself away from Lee and Soraka, "We will fight for you, there is nothing to fear. We will win."

The man nodded, his thin frame shaking, "Will you slaughter them like you did at the Battle of Placidum? Will you show those Noxian dogs we will not lie down?"

Soraka stepped forward, "Today has been an emotional day. We will release full details in a while, and the Captain is very tired. She needs some rest…"

"No…Please…no…" The man hobbled forward, grabbing Irelia's hand, "Please, Captain. Fight for us, fight for Lee, please! Swear you will fight us, pleases don't let my son's death be in vain! Kill them, kill the Noxian *******s!"

Lee, while bowing his head slightly, moved ahead of Irelia and regarded the man, "My sister lives in the Noxian occupied territory, yet I am more than sure she is being taken care of. We will figure out who will be fighting for Ionia, Captain Lito and I will be sure…sure of that…"

Lee faltered, trying to hold himself up. Apparently fasting for several weeks and sitting perfectly still in a fire did somewhat affect his physical health in more ways than one. Soraka placed a careful hand on his shoulder to steady him, the Ionian man threw himself to his knees, lying prostrate before Irelia, "Please Captain! You have to do it! No one else will be able to! If we let anyone else, we will lose again!"

The crowd started following his lead, all lying prostrate before Irelia, she could hear various statements from them. "Please Irelia! You have to!" "Only you have succeeded!" "Please fight for us!" "Promise us you will fight for us!"

Irelia kneeled down and lifted the man off his knees, her voice was firm, "We will have to see who is willing and able to fight. I am more than sure Soraka will-"

The man's face was flooding with tears, "She will what? Fail us again? I mean no offense to her, most beloved Captain, but she has fallen from the grace of the gods and she failed us the first match. No Captain, only you have succeeded. If it were not for you, we would be under the boots of the Noxian rule. The moment you are not there, we lose. We need your strength Captain, please!" He choked out, "I want to see my family again, one last time, before I die...Please…"

The entire crowd started yelling at Irelia various statements "Promise us Captain!" "Promise us you will fight!" "Fight for us Captain!" "Fight for Ionia!" "You are not scared!" "You beat them once, do it again!" "Kill the Noxian *******s!" "Kill them Captain!"

Soraka looked at Irelia, she did not back down. Irelia raised her hand to the people, shouting, "You wish for me to fight for you once more, my people?"

A cheer shot forth, Irelia bellowed, "My blades are at your service, people of Ionia!"

Soraka and Lee looked at one another, concerned as the cheers roared out once more. Irelia's face was cold and deadpan, she had a job to do. She needed to talk to her brother about this, but that would be later, when she had the time.

Hours later, horrific screams were heard. Several guards approached Karma and led her to the source of the sound: Irelia's room. Karma dismissed the guards, and only when she was sure they were far enough away did she slowly open the door. A giant blade promptly embedded itself near Karma's hand. She peeked in, "Irelia? What's wrong?"

"Where is it?" Irelia's room was completely decimated; long wounds were etched all over the floor and walls. The armoire laid splintered in a corner, her bed was quartered, her desk smashed apart. Irelia was barely wearing more than a loose shirt as she fell to her knees, scrounging along the floor, "No, no, no, where is it?" She punched the marble floor, it shattered from the force of her strike. "No! No! I didn't lose it!"

With one big sweep she knocked away all the nearby fragments of her furniture, "Not again! I can't lose it again!" She sounded panicked, "It's here, right? It's right here! Why can't I hear it? Why can't I hear it?"

Karma stepped into the room, another sword hurled itself past her as she made her way to Irelia. She gingerly touched Irelia, who spun and grabbed Karma's hand harshly. Irelia had her hand raised and ready to strike, her face contorted with complete and absolute rage. Karma simply stared Irelia down, who slumped to the corner of her room. Neither of them spoke for over an hour, Irelia broke the silence, "I…I lost it."

"Yes. You did." Karma smirked at Irelia, "Now then, what did you lose?"

Irelia cast her hand around the room, "I wanted to tell Zelos what happened today, but…I can't find it. I can't hear his voice…" Irelia's shoulders started to shake with emotion. Karma stood up and made her way to Irelia, gingerly touching her shoulder once more.

Irelia brushed Karma off, "Get away from me." Irelia stood up, breathing in, "Get out. I will be alright, just leave me alone."

"Irelia." Karma stated bluntly, "You are overworking yourself. Perhaps if you calmed down and relaxed…"

"Relax?" Irelia bit her lip so hard blood trickled out. She turned to face Karma "Relax? Is that your solution to everything? Just lay back and take it?"

Karma simply stared at Irelia as she continued her verbal onslaught, "That is how the Ionians think! Things will work out, let it happen! If the Noxians want our home, just come on in and take it! All we'll do is is stand by, watching them , smiling and nodding our stupid heads all the while they rape our land!"

Irelia threw her hands up in frustration, "Your parents, our friends, our neighbors were butchered by the Noxians! You know their brutality, you know the horribleness of war! You got away by not having to fight because of your pretty words, but who was it of the two of us that won the war in the end? Which of the two of put an end to the killing once and for all? Did your talking win? Did your talking avenge your parents? Did sitting down and talking win the war? Did relaxing drive them out?"

Irelia's swords shot around the room, "No! They didn't! Why am I the Will of the Blades? Why am I the symbol of Ionia? Because they believe in me! I have thousands of people relying on me, and the one time I want some piece of mind I cannot find him! So no! I will not relax! I need to find him!"

Karma spoke slowly, "Why do you keep him in a bag again, Irelia?"

Irelia was about to retort with more verbal abuse but she fell silent, her shoulders were quaking, "I…I just…why…why am I so weak…" Irelia wanted to cry but nothing came out. "Master Lee is blind, he lost his eyesight for us…I couldn't help him. I was too weak, I couldn't move the Ionians on my own, not this time. I am as strong as I was back then. If I was stronger…"

Irelia's swords hovered near her for a moment before they shot out from her once more, piercing the wall. Irelia shot straight up, back on her feet, "I must prepare for the rematch. I promised them I would assuredly participate. I will butcher the Noxians, and I will avenge Lee Sin for my weakness."

"You do not have to fight all the time, Irelia." Karma reached out, "Your heart is crying. You are putting too much strain on yourself, you may be the symbol but you do not have to carry such a burden by yourself. Please, just sit and talk for a bit."

Irelia shook her head, "Talking will get us nothing. If it weren't for Lee, we would still be scrounging in the ****ing ground, the people would still be lying down and those territories would be under Noxian control for another eight years. I need to show them what Ionia means, what everyone putting their hopes and dreams on a single person means." Irelia clenched her fist, "I promised Zelos, I will not falter in my duty. Lee's sacrifice has prompted me, I will do what is needed."

Irelia got to her feet, and made her way to the door. Karma stopped Irelia by grabbing her arm, her voice commanding, "Enough." Irelia bowed her head, Karma questioned her, "Where do you think you are going?"

"Training." Irelia tried to break Karma's grasp to no avail. "Let me go, Karma, or I'll-"

Karma's voice became firm, "You will what? Hit me? Will you take a blade out and carve my face, demanding me to scream for death like you did to Du Coteau?"

Irelia's eyes widened, she looked at Karma who simply continued, "I know what you did. I know why you and Du Coteau were looking at one another like predator and prey. She is deathly scared of you, despite her sharp tongue." Karma released her arm and caringly touched Irelia's cheek, "You are carrying too much responsibility, too much burden. You do not have to do this, you have already done your part."

"I am carrying the right amount, Karma." Irelia glared at her, batting Karma's hand away from her cheek, "I cannot let them down. I will be ****ed before I let such an atrocity happen."

Karma attempted to plead to her,

"Irelia, stop acting and think for a moment. This is how you have always been, you always put others before yourself. It is alright to have your own desires, why do you not carve anymore? Or paint? You used to paint wonderful pictures! Perhaps you would like to go to the seaside, we could organize something. For heaven's sake you enjoy flower arranging! Come, let us arrange a day for you to not be anyone but Irelia. We will discuss it right now, over some tea, maybe some cakes. We can talk about the weather, let us…let us just shoot the ****! Please, just settle down and come with me…"

"No rest for the wicked." Irelia made her way to the door, "Karma, I gave those things up the moment I became the Captain and the Will. I have my responsibilities as you have yours. You go talk the talk, and I will fight the fight. Keep it that way."

Irelia motioned to the doorknob, it clicked open. Before she could hope to open the door Karma stopped her again, "Irelia, you are not leaving this room. Not like this, please."

"And who's going to stop me?" Irelia threw her the most malicious and saddening smile her friend had ever seen, "You?" Irelia snorted a laugh and walked out of the room, her sword trailed behind her.

Karma looked around the room, it was completely and utterly destroyed. A soft knocking on the door was heard a few minutes later, Karma stood in the middle of the mess. "Come in."

A head popped in, it belonged to a rather youthful guard. Karma would weather he was of similar age to Irelia, "Ah, D-Duchess!" He stammered nervously, "W-what are you doing here? What happened here?"

Karma looked around, and sighed, "Would you believe ghosts?" He slowly shook his head, "No…no I would not, Duchess."

She sighed once more, "I thought as much. Do not say a word to anyone of what you have seen or heard. To put it simply, the Captain lost something important. If you find it, tell me and I will return it to her."

"What…what did she lose, precisely?" He seemed to tense with absolute fear as she responded, "A little pouch she never takes off her person. It contains her dearest belonging in the world. Heavens know where it is now..."

She walked out of the room, she would have to send some cleaners and make up some story to keep Irelia's name clear of suspicion. Who would follow and believe in her if they heard she lost control like this? If they heard she was actually only a human being? The guard nervously reached into a satchel he carried around his shoulder, he took out Irelia's pouch and felt the contents. He uneasily nodded and made a decision then and there.

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Part 3

Lito stood in front of a tiled house, the sound of farm animals filling the air. He was very, clearly annoyed. A feminine voice called out from within the house, "Are they back yet?"

He growled, "No. Not yet." His long flowing robes did little to cover his cracking knuckles. A woman with ebony hair walked through the front door, her voice was light, "Where are these children of yours? The leader of the Silver Talon clan does not bring their one and only daughter to see their only living blood relatives, only to have them missing."

He turned to her, a scowl was spread across his face, "I have been training them rather harshly the past month. Perhaps…" The woman cut him off, "Do not lighten up on them, if you give them an inch they will take a mile. Look at Akali's obedience. Akali!"

A little girl shot forward, her hair the same color as the woman's. She commanded, "Fifty."

Akali dropped to the floor, and using only her thumbs she performed fifty push-ups. The woman pointed at her, "See how she listens to her mother? You need to teach your children obedience, 'Master' Lito."

Lito turned to her, shaking his head, "I did not ask you to come to be insulted by you, I asked you to come to make reparations between our families. Do not be so set to antagonize."

She sighed, shaking her head, "Memories of your father still-"

"Do not." Lito commanded, glaring at her, "Do not dare speak of him. You will never again associate him with me."

She drew back, smiling at him, "The successor to the Hiten style and the Nightblade clan, the most secretive and powerful assassination art of the blade and the old royalty's own coveted guild of assassins, now living at a farm?" She broke out chuckling, "How could we associate the two of you? You are so far flung from that man we would only associate you two by blood."

His disapproving glare did not recede, "Not even by that."

A symphonic voice spoke up from inside the house, "Do not squabble. You are not here to argue more." Soraka strode towards the two, Akali stared at her passively as Akali's mother looked away sheepishly while Lito simply relaxed his demeanor. Soraka looked around, frowning, "Where are they? They should have been back by now."

Lito threw a hand up at Soraka, "That is what I want to know. They skipped training today."

"Irelia did?" Soraka tittered, "She even missed her reading session."

Lito's eyes narrowed with anger for a brief moment, "She did what? She is never absent from reading session. Zelos…"

Soraka stared at him, "Do not do what I expect you to do, you will regret such actions."

"If there is one thing that the successor must do…" His voice wobbled in tone for a brief moment, "Is to prepare for the worst."

"Help! Father! Dad! Where are you?" The sound of Irelia's yelling broke the awkward silence, Soraka cast her gaze at the direction it came from, she turned to face Lito but he was already gone. He appeared in front of Irelia, she had Zelos' arm slung across her shoulder, she looked up as she panted raggedly, "Dad, it's Zelos! He's hurt!"

Lito grabbed Zelos, blood ran from behind his ear quite profusely, a large bruise darkened his wrist. Lito gently rotated Zelos' hand, he winced slightly. He looked at his son, "Can you move it on your own?"

Zelos nodded, rotating his hand. Lito breathed a sigh of relief, "It is only sprained. And what is this? Why are you bleeding?" He cupped the back of his ear, he fingered the wound, "It is deep. How did this happen?"

Irelia burst out, "It's all m-" Zelos snapped at her, "Irelia. Enough." She fell silent.

He slowly regarded his father, "It was my fault. I took Irelia out to relax and go for a swim down at the lake. When we were supposed to head back she wanted to find something. She was attacked."

Lito's anger became obvious as he grew red, "By what?"

"Ah…" Zelos swallowed hard, "A bear cub." Irelia threw him a look, he continued, "A cub attacked her because she got too close to it. I pulled her away in time, but…" He concluded with a shrug.

"These are the children you ask me to see? To have Akali associate with?" Akali's mother walked over, her somewhat pompous demeanor exuding from her, "A eleven year old who shirks his responsibilities, drags his own sister away and lets her become endangered, then cannot slay even a bear cub? What is that weapon used for, boy?"

She pointed at the tanto hanging off his belt, he slowly responded, "Dad always taught us to kill only when necessary. The bear cub was more scared of us than we were of it, we had no right to kill it."

She shook her head, "And he back talks. He has no discipline, Lito. That is the supposed strength of your successor? Punish him."

Lito gave her a glare, "I will, on my own terms." She gave Lito a vicious glare, "Punish him in accordance to our family's traditions or I will. It is my right as the Fist of the Shadows and as your cousin. The other Elders would agree."

He was about to argue more when Zelos grabbed his father's hand, "Let her." He threw a smile at his father, "I would rather her than you any day."

Lito fell silent, letting his son step forward. Zelos stood in front of the woman, she drew her fist back and cracked him squarely across the jaw. Blood flew from his mouth, he staggered from the blow. Irelia cupped her mouth, mortified for a moment, having just watched her brother being struck so harshly. Another punch threw him off his feet and onto the ground, Lito watched, his face deadpan. Irelia tugged his sleeve, "Father, stop her, she can't do this!"

He sighed, closing his eyes, "Zelos wants to do this, Irelia. If I stopped him, then he would not be worthy to be the successor, and they would force it upon you."

"So?" Irelia questioned him. Her father fell silent. She looked at Soraka, she ran over and tugged at her dress, "Soraka, stop this! He's hurt!"

Soraka closed her eyes for a brief moment, "Irelia, dear, I cannot. It is not my place…" Irelia nearly screamed at her, "Then whose place is it?"

Akali's mother spoke, "Get up. You have another nine strikes, one for each year. Your punishment is tantamount to the wisdom you have gathered in your life, get up and face it if you are the successor."

Zelos struggled to his feet, he shook his chin at her, "Punishment? That's what this is? I couldn't tell with how weak that punch was."

She cocked her head at him, "You dare insult me, boy?" He nodded, "I do, after all, you are picking on a kid. And you wonder why your husband left you."

Her eyes widened as he continued, "Don't be so surprised! We all know! You caught him with another woman 'cuz you're so crazy! He left after that which made you mad! You couldn't blame yourself so you started taking it out on dad and Akali! So come on! Hit me!"

Her fist shook with complete and absolute rage, "You…you dare…? How do you even-"

Zelos triumphantly chirped, "Soraka told us so! She warned us of your sour nature and to deal with you, she told us to be careful with Akali 'cuz she's closed up from all the **** you put her through! So if all I gotta do is take this punishment and you'll stop being so mean, then do it!"

She was breathing heavily, her hand quaking with gathered energy. Zelos yelled at her, "Hit me you old b-!"

Her hand ignited with energy, Lito moved forward to stop her but was almost too late. Blood, spit, teeth and flower blossoms flew through the air. Soraka gasped in horror, Zelos' eyes widened. Her fist was barely held back by Lito's grip on her forearm, the very same fist planted squarely on Irelia's jaw as she stood defiantly in front of her brother, blood pouring from her mouth. From the top of her gi, a branch of flower blossoms peered out. Akali's mother simply looked at Irelia, her little shoulders quaked from the pain, her head bowed. The only sound that broke the silence was the voice of young Irelia, "…Again."

Complete and utter silence. Irelia's voice became shrill, "I said again! My brother is eleven, I am six, and you have struck me once! You have another sixteen to go! Again!"

"You are not the successor, this punishment is not meant for children." Akali's mother stated bluntly, Irelia screamed at her, "Then I'm going to be the successor! I will not let you hurt my brother anymore! Hit me!"

Everyone looked at Irelia, completely shocked. Blood poured from her mouth and nose, her hands wavered as much as her pose, her knees buckled in pain, she screamed one last time, fury burning bright in her young eyes,


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And that's it for now! I'll post more when I'm done more!

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It's been awhile since I've posted here. The conclusion of the Irelia and Zelos story! Parts 3, 4 and Epilogue! I'll post them later after I format them for the LoL forum, but here's the link in the meantime to FF.net! Starting at part 3!


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Irelia = Most Badass Person in the League.